Friday, February 3, 2012

That Scared The Crap Out Of Me

I couldn't even find a picture.

We were having a pretty good and uneventful night. Nothing at all going on.

Even though they sent me the Kid, he was seemingly doing his job and things were going okay.

We had just finished counting the house and everyone had wandered off to their respective wings to wait for count to clear. I was sitting in my office doing something on the computer when I thought I heard somebody cry out.

I jumped up and went out into the hallway and said "What was that?"

Sore was in the control room and he pointed down the hall and said "Miz Country isn't feeling good. I think she's in the bathroom. You might need to check on her."

Miz Slim came down the hall from the other way and asked the same question and got the same answer. She ducked her head into the ladies bathroom and nobody was there. She opened the mens with the same result.

Uh-oh. We both started to kind of panic. We both started to run towards the break room when Miz Country came over the radio and said "10-10 the elevator!"

We spun around and after fumbling with the keys, got the elevator door open. Miz Country had gotten sick and passed out in the elevator. Miz Slim and the Kid (who showed up seconds later) got her up off of the elevator floor and took her into my office. She dropped her radio and her keys in the elevator and I stopped to grab them.

Apparently everyone else in the camp heard her on the radio and recognized her voice, because they all came busting in the door before we could even get her set down in a chair in the office. In seconds the place was busting with people.

It seems she had some problems with her blood pressure in the past and this came on all sudden like. She was fine and chipper just minutes before that.

They called an ambulance for her and took her to the hospital. Miz Slim rode with her, giving the EMT's no choice in the matter.

And just like that a peaceful night went completely to hell.

I haven't heard anything, but I do hope she's okay. She's a sweet lady and a heck of an officer.

And if she does anything like that to me again I may just knock her block off.


  1. No picture AND no wacky holidays? She must have really rattled your cage and knocked your hamsters off their wheel.

    ...and where exactly on the body is the "block" that it's always in so much danger of being knocked off. Something that exposed, you'd think they'd sell some kind of padding or protection or something.

    1. Bryan- Yes, it did get to me pretty hard. Never really had that happen to me before that I can remember. Not here, anyway.

      And then I just raised an eyebrow at you.

  2. Life does have its moments, doesn't it? I followed over from Brent's blog, and you now have a new follower : me. May this weekend be less stressful!! Roland

    1. Roland- Welcome! And thank you. I hope I can keep you a little entertained now and then.