Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just A Quick Observation

Just a quick observation and then I'm off to bed.

Had to hang out afterwards and go over to the Watcher and Miz Twangs new place to pick up a treadmill they were kind enough to loan us.

It was a very nice place. Roomy and comfortable and even their spastic little dog fit right in. (grin) It felt kind of odd not walking around in a house that isn't completely cluttered with odds and ends like our place is.

Hopefully the new treadmill will help me get up off of my overly large butt and start working out again. I have to do something before I get so big they promote me to Captain.

Anyway, there was some action over on B-side where the Watcher was the yard Sergeant. One of the new people had found something that might have been drugs but he made some pretty critical errors that (hopefully) a more seasoned officer wouldn't have made.

As we got into the truck Watcher shook his head and said "These new people. I just don't know about some of them."

I didn't say anything but I just couldn't help but wonder.....

How long ago was it that someone else was wondering exactly the same thing about us?

So Wednesday is going to be National Gum Drop Day, Remember The Maine Day, Susan B. Anthony Day and Clifford The Big Red Dog Day.

Whatever you do, don't step in that!


  1. Someone made a sock monkey for my kid when she was little, it always gave me the hebbie jebbies because of how it "looked" at me - your post just reminded me of it...thanks!
    Now, as I'm heading off to bed I'm going to have that creepy monkey in my head! (I'll have to have a quick shot of something to calm my nerves...oh Ginny, where are you...) *grin*

    Interesting observation...

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. Jenny- At least that particular sock monkey probably wasn't your boss. There's always a bright side!

  2. I remember when we worked the hive together and I had to run the bubble. At least twice a week I would open the wrong door and you and BG would have to run over and shut it before the wobble heads could get out. I remember thinking 'Oh man, these guys are going to hate me...' But, I turned out ok after seven years hahaha
    veriword-bowlin haha sweeet

    1. TJ- Yeah, we thought for awhile that we might have to have you killed. I guess it's a good thing you grew on us after awhile, eh? (grin)

  3. My daughter used to love those Clifford books! I'll have to tell her.

    1. Lolamouse- Seems like they were everyone's favorite!

  4. "I have to do something before I get so big they promote me to Captain."


    I was also a fan of Clifford. Yeah, that was a big dog. A little too big, really. Totally unrealistic.

    1. Bryan- It's a dang good thing none of my Captains read this or I'd get a good frowning at!