Saturday, December 10, 2011

We Almost Ran Amok

You know what? I have been fighting this sniffly head cold all week and it's finally kicking my butt. I've been sneezing and my nose has been dripping all night and now it's sore from blowing it over and over.

Took one night time cold capsule about 9:00pm and another after I got home and my brain is full of mush.

Sat here and typed for half an hour about working the yard and when I got done I said "This is all gobbledygook!!" and erased it to start all over.

Frack that. I'm going to bed.


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  2. Bed is where you belong...not trying to entertain us when your butt's being kicked by a nasty head cold.

    Have a hot toddy, or something stronger, to knock you out - and just rest.

    Dr. Pearson (Mr. Hyde's twin sister) will be checking in on you later.


    PS - Had to delete my earlier "attempt" at writing legible English...note to self: cut back on those toddys!