Sunday, December 11, 2011

Can't Trust A Digital Thermometer

I was right. I had The Ick.

Spent most of the weekend so far as fuzzy as a cotton ball with my head full of snot and NyQuil. At times I wasn't really sure if I was awake or asleep. There seemed to be little difference between the two.

At one point last night I grabbed the digital thermometer and stuck it against my temple. About 30 seconds later it beeped. I looked and it said 101.0 . Yeah, that was about how I felt, all right. Knew I had a fever.

This afternoon I was feeling a little better but was still doing the hot and cold thing so I thought I would check my temp again. Another beep and..... holy snap! 103.2!

The room spun around me a little and I thought "I may need to go to the hospital!" But then I thought "Hey.... wait a minute! If I was running that high I'd be sick as hell and probably delirious. At least dripping with sweat. As it is, I'm just uncomfortably warm. Something is awry here all right...."

Got new batteries and put them in and tried it again. Beep! 101.2.

Reached up in the cabinet and got the other one that you stick under your tongue.

Beep! 97.3 .

Just went and checked it again. 99.2.

Apparently I'm some sort of mutant.


  1. You realize I'm have a wee bit of a chuckle over do know...(cough, cough, with a little grin) the place to get an "accurate" reading is seriously south of your forehead!!

    But, hey...sounds like you're getting better! (grin x2)
    So, maybe you'll just store that little bit of FYI for next time you reach for that thermometer (might need to get a "location" specific one though).

    Cheers, Jenny

    Word Veri...brati ( you think!!)

  2. I always know I have a fever when my coffee doesn't taste good.

  3. I would have to are some sort of mutant. But it is sad your one mutant power is trucking thermometers. Haha
    Veri word is skereer.
    Darla said Scream one was skereer than Scream two.

  4. Get better soon. In the mean time, check this out!

  5. I think Jenny is right, but don't stoop to that. Take care of yourself and use up some of that state issued sick leave.

  6. When you're sick, do the monkeys in your head take over, or are they sick too?

  7. I thought you were supposed to stick a thermometer like that under your tongue?

    the captcha is "tanket" (doubling up on the definitions here since I've fallen behind in my reading): 1.)a tarp you throw over a tank when you're storing it for the winter. 2.) A term of hyperbole for a really huge blanket, as in, "My God, this thing is big enough for a tank! It must be a tanket!"

  8. Jenny- Umm... no. Just.... No.

    Donna- Nothing has tasted good for days. Yuck.

    TJ- Kind of a lame mutant power, huh? Sheesh...

    Vinnie- Can't wait to see where it goes!

    Joe- I'll get better as soon as I sneeze on an inmate.

    Doug- You wouldn't believe what those monkeys throw when I'm sick!

    Bryan- We have three different kinds. I only used two of them. Not going there at all, thank you. I could have used a tanket when I was freezing to death. That sounds warm...