Friday, December 9, 2011

Just Disgusted

We expect the inmates to act like idiots. It's a gimme. They're inmates and they're mostly stupid.

But every now and then a staff member will get a bug up their butt and make a fool of themselves and make themselves or all the rest of us or sometimes both, look bad.

I can think of a long list of staff members that I recall with a look of shame or a tinge of anger in my face. And quite a few of them still work there. Why, I don't know.

This latest contestant has seemed like he has decided to self destruct at any moment and try to take as many of us down with him when he goes. And before you even ask, I'm not going to name any names. Either you know or you don't and if you don't I'm not going to say. I'll just refer to him as John D'oh.

Last week Officer D'oh decided to tell a bunch of...... let's just say "untruths" about one of our supervisors. How he's incompetent and lazy and stupid and has no idea how to do his job. He apparently sits dumbly in the corner while Officer D'oh has to work and toil to do his job for him.

Keep in mind that this supervisor mentioned has been doing this job for somewhere around twenty five years while D'oh himself has only been here for about seven years.

And also keep in mind that this same Officer D'oh is the one that always has to be told repeatedly to get things done and won't show any initiative to do things on his own. Every day he sits on his butt and procrastinates in hopes that somebody else will get fed up and do his job for him.

D'oh of course, was bragging about this to a young female CO in order to make himself look more manly and professional at someone else's expense. And I guessed he imagined that it wouldn't get back to the supervisor, for some stupid reason.

So when it did get back to the supervisor and D'oh got called on it, he got mad and sulked and hid for the evening and then called in sick for three days so he wouldn't have to face the consequences.

Well, when he came in today he got another chewing on for running his yap and apparently went and tried to spread the blame around some more. It couldn't really be his fault, after all. He's the perfect officer! We should appoint him freaking king!

It seems that I too, am a lazy no good @%#*!##@!! and I never do any work and all I do is sit around all day and make poor D'oh do all my work for me. He apparently went and told that to the Lieutenant today. And once again, didn't seem to think it would get back to me.

When he said those things about our supervisor I said "What an idiot." And when he turned around and said those things about me I said.... a few stronger phrases.

So. I'm done with him. I used to consider him a fairly competent yet severely annoying friend. Now as far as I am concerned he is just another mouth and I plan on having as little to do with him as possible. I'm fed up. Done.

And I really shouldn't blog when I'm annoyed. It just doesn't work out well.

So I think I'll just stop now and drink the rest of my Chamomile tea and let my sleepytime meds work their way into my system and maybe take a few deep breaths and relax.

I got three more days before I have to deal with that snaphead again. I'll either ignore him completely or give him a piece of my mind. Either way I'll feel better.

So, what's Friday going to be? Lets find out....

National Pastry Day, National Salesperson Day, Weary Willie Day (no comment, think of your own!), and the day of St Juan Diego.

Go Juan Diego, go!

Oops... wrong story.


  1. On one hand it's nice to see work place drama somewhere else O)n the other hand I don't wish that on anyone.

  2. I hate those types. That is why you should get promoted and come work my house haha

  3. D'Oh isn't being very smart. He works in a prison and needs his fellow officers to respond quick fast and in a hurry in the event of trouble. I can't imagine anyone would not come to his aid if the need be, but he's making it difficult for the response to be quick fast hurry.

  4. Want me to beat his ass for you? I'd be happy to. Of course, you'll have to pay for the airfare (first class), put me up for a day or two, and then provide me with a good lawyer in case I get caught. Also, I would like three cases of Reeces Peanut Butter Cups and a subscription to Scientific American. Those are my terms.

  5. JPT- I'll trade you one WCW for John D'oh any day!

    TJ- It's one reason I'm still tempted to hope I get it. To get away from that fool.

    Shirley- Lucky for him he's a lazy hind end and doesn't get himself into situations where he might have to do something very often.

    CheesyDoug- If it weren't for the Reeses cups, I might take you up on it. But those are mine.