Friday, December 16, 2011

An Air Of Responsibilty

I had to laugh when I saw that picture. It was just too good.

The last two days I have gotten more congratulations than I expected. A few times I wasn't sure I was going to get my hand back. It felt good.

It's going to take me some time to move into this new role. Especially about not being the guy that does the stuff. That will be hard to do. I'm always the guy that does the stuff. Now I have to be the guy that watches someone else do the stuff. I'm just there for backup in case something goes wrong.

Tonight they put me in the control center. Not too scary. I've worked there before, I know some about how it runs. And I had Stubby and Vinnie there. They are the Pro's from Dover and they know their jobs inside and out. Between the two of them they know almost everything about running that place.

Stubby told me alot of things about being the Sergeant I didn't know. I probably should have been taking notes. Many of the things he said went in one ear and out the other just from the information overload.

But that's okay. Nobody expects me to know everything right away. I do expect that from myself at times, even if it's unreasonable. But we have some good people here and I can learn things from all of them.

Vinnie took me aside and said that I had developed an "air of responsibility" about me. And he showed me how that was both good and bad. It was good that I was stepping up and being a supervisor and trying to show my people that I was there for them. But it was bad in that I was trying a bit too hard and getting in the way. I stuck my finger in his pie and he let me know about it. Guess I was a bit too eager for validation. Just needed to take a deep breath and step back and let my guys do their job.

I'm just glad they were there tonight to handle things. I'd have been lost without them. They both did great. If I didn't say it before, Thanks guys! You made my job easy even when I was trying to make it difficult.

I'll get this. It's just going to take some time.

Friday (TGIF!!!) is going to be National Chocolate Covered Anything Day (sweet!), Underdog Day, Zionism Day, Barbie and Barney Backlash Day, and the feast of St Beoc.


  1. Great picture - too funny....if only!

    Well, Rev, it sounds like you've got some great buddies helping you out. Chill and breath, with a bit of time it'll all be old school!

    Again, mega congratulations! I'd send a cake if I knew it would survive the mailing!

    Suffice it to say...I'm really happy for you - this was a much deserved promotion.

    Cheers, Jenny


  2. Congratulations Rev. I'm sure you will do well

  3. I love the picture! If only I could train my dogs to do it!

    Congratulations on making sergeant!!! You can't see me, but I'm giving you a standing ovation and cheering (well, after reading your other blog, maybe you CAN see me, you creeper!)

  4. Whew, I caught up ;D

    Congratulations again, of course, and keep your fingers out of people's pies. That doesn't sound very sanitary.

  5. Jenny- I'll get there. Just have to remember that breathing thing...

    Joe- If nothing else my screw ups will keep you all entertained, I'm sure.

    Lolamouse- Thanks! And I'm not peeking! Really! It was that other guy! I swear!

    Bryan- It was a totally accidental fingering. But I washed my hands, really.