Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

For the last eight years I have watched our E-squad load up in their vans and drive all over the state to help search someone else's prison.

Nobody else ever came to ours to search in all that time. I never could get an answer for why from the old regime. I guess they never felt the need.

Well today they did it. Freaking finally.

About 6:30 this morning our squad along with the E-squads from four or five other institutions came in and searched our entire camp. I think they got done a little after 4:00pm this evening. Right around ten hours. And I believe somebody said there was somewhere around a hundred squad members there today.

All through the process and for all the rest of the evening the offenders stayed locked down. They only got a couple hours of open wing activity this evening after the squads had left. They didn't even get to come out for chow. Our Main Production crew made up somewhere around 9,000 sack lunches during the day and delivered them to the housing units. They ate breakfast lunch and dinner in their cells.

It was awesome. They sent the teachers and the librarians and the chaplains home. They kept the caseworkers and the rec guys and made them help search.

They locked up eleven or twelve inmates during the search. Mostly for just being stupid in a no stupid zone. They found one cell phone, a small bit of money, some drugs and a few razor blade melted to a plastic handle type weapons.

The general consensus among the staff is that we should do this more often, perhaps every three months or so. I heartily agree. Make this place a prison. A good show of force keeps them on their toes.

Anyway, I wanted to thank all of the E-squad folks who came in and worked so hard today. They all did an excellent job and I was glad to see them and will be even gladder to see them again.

Thanks alot, guys. Get some sleep. You earned it.

Thursday is going to be Take It In The Ear Day (Ummm... yick...), National Chocolate Brownie Day, and the feast of St Eucharius.

Put that in your ear and smoke it!


  1. I have lost three cell phones in the past few years. I am pretty sure they are being stolen and shipped to prison inmates as part of the Sell Stolen Cell Phones to Prison Inmates Black Market.

    Can you check and see if that one is mine?

  2. Nothing wrong on keeping them on their toes and rousting out any contraband I say.

  3. I agree with you Rev, a fresh set of eyes every once in a while is good for everybody and a good search keeps the guests on their toes. And the good guys too, for that matter.

  4. Doug- I'll look, but you probably won't want any of them back, considering where they most likely have been.

    JPT- I heartily agree. Need to do it more often.

    Joe- From what I have been told, this hasn't happened here for almost 15 years. And that's a shame.