Friday, December 2, 2011

My Preparations Are Complete

Ever since I started this nonsense about trying to promote I have been bombarded from all sides. Both by well-wishers that want me to succeed and others who think I have some secret esoteric knowledge that might help them get promoted as well.

If I took all of the advice I would know all of the policy by heart and walk in dressed like a Majordomo with medals dripping off of my chest and creases you could shave with and a packet that was about nine feet thick.

And the only real advice I have for anybody else is "Relax and be yourself and answer their questions to the best of your ability."

I'm sure I'm going to be battling my nerves to try and follow my own advice, come Monday morning.

But I got one more recommendation letter from Sgt Puddle this evening and as far as I am concerned, my packet is complete. With only one more working day before the interviews, getting anything else to put in there would be pretty much fruitless, anyway.

So I'm done. I have a pressed uniform and I will run it over one more time with the iron this weekend and put a layer of polish on my boots and call myself ready.

And if that isn't good enough for them, then I guess I didn't really need the job anyway. I've never been much of a "spit and polish" kind of guy and I'm not about to try and become something that I am not. After eight and a half years here they know how I roll (as Peggy Sue so aptly put it) and if they don't like that, then..... Frack it.

I will be who I am. A great man once said "I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam."

I'm not a big fan of yams, but you get the point.

I'm ready. Let's punch this munchkin!

Friday I'll be in the control center again. I'm hoping it will be a good and auspicious day.
It will be National Fritters Day, National Mutt Day, Special Education Day, and the feast of St Lupus of Verona.

Hmm.... Fritters


  1. I like that quote. It says a lot about a persons achievments in their lives and we all hit that time in our life. Hopefully that time is not a negetive moment but a positive one. And you my friend, I feel will have a positive one.
    Veri word is clantis: The new natural male enhancment advertised on late night television.

  2. Good luck on gaining more responsibility and probably not getting enough of a pay increase to justify the increase in responsibility, but even more luck getting a pay increase that matches or exceeds the responsibility, but most luck getting a bunch of money for nothing, like maybe winning a lottery, and then retiring so you can build a boat or something, and then showing up at your old job every once in a while just to rub it in to those people that you are rich now.

  3. JPT- Hey! Welcome back... and stuff!

    TJ- Dude, I just want Monday to be over. However it turns out, getting through that will be a positive experience.

    Doug- It certainly isn't for the money. I'm still buying lottery tickets. And I don't need your help to be confused.