Monday, December 5, 2011

I Was A Nervous Wreck

I could have used some of those nerve pills. I think I did medium to awful.

They asked me questions about things I wasn't too sure about. Of course. I studied everything but that one topic.


Now I'm trying to wind back down again and go to work and enjoy our first snowfall of the year.


  1. What??? Snowfall? There's no snow in OUR forecast!

  2. I'll bet you did just fine. Leaving nervous is better than leaving feeling like you utterly failed. :)

  3. The best answer to the one question you don't know. " I'm not sure what the answer to that question is but I'm sure with the access to sop and policy and the vast knowledge shared by my fellow and more experienced officers I'm sure I can find the right answer for you " it's best to give an answer where it looks aa if your going to expand your vast correctional knowledge and correctly do something. Or just make something up. You actually think the interview board knows the answers ! Lmao


  4. Donna- We got freezing rain, then sleet, then snow and then more sleet. Yuck!!!

    Bryan- I use caffeine and interviews to cause nervousness.

    JPT- I was horrible. But they didn't fire me and I didn't die so I guess it was a positive experience.

    Ghost- If I wasn't so nervous I could probably have baffled them with some BS.

  5. Nerves? Just add booze - preferable hard liquor