Monday, December 12, 2011


Apparently I have training in the morning. Nobody knows what kind of training and I didn't get any advanced notice. Some manner of cluster frack.

So I have to get up early and be there by 8am. What the snap.

And now I have to go and try and fix our laser cutter tonight instead of in the morning like I had planned. That's probably going to take me hours. Pfui.

Tuesday is Ice Cream and Violins Day. Not separately. Together. Don't drip.


  1. What kind of ice cream...I'm fussy. be interesting, or not, depends on how you look at it - first have ice cream, then get trained, and then do the violin thingy...the training might help with that! Just saying'...

    All in all, sounds like you're over your thermometer bit! Say aah! (hehehe - inside joke!)


  2. It's obviously sergeant training, dear Sergeant-to-be. I wonder if anyone else has noticed how your posts have become subtly more managerial in their outlook lately?

    Now I have to go and find out what a laser cutter is, and what it is used for, other than to cut lasers, which sounds rather specialised.

  3. laser cutter?

    I don't know what it is, but I want one.

    The captcha is "firoltri": obviously roasted chicken served on a bed of pine needles. (I'll pass.)

  4. Jenny- Pralines and Cream, of course. What else would you have with violins? (grin) And I'll just leave that joke lie where it is...

    Vincent- You guys are giving me a complex. When I don't get promoted I'm going to be crushed, you know..

    Bryan- I'll explain that next post. And you don't, really. Trust me.