Friday, September 18, 2009

Tribute Chair

Thanks to Guy for giving me another project to do! Not only did he get me blogging, but he keeps giving me ideas for things to make.

The other day he posted about making an Adirondack chair. I thought to myself "My Grampa made a couple of those and they were really comfy!" Of course, Grampa was a master craftsman when it came to wood and his chairs folded up. I'm lucky this one sits flat on the floor.

Anyway, I though this was a great idea and I looked around for some plans online. I found a set and ran off the patterns and nipped off this morning to buy me some wood and things.

Just FYI.... me going into Lowes with a checkbook and an unclear set of objectives is not a good thing. I came this ][ close to spending waaay too much money there. Just saying.

Got home about 9:30 this morning and went down and started cutting wood. Took a few small breaks here and there. Fed the dogs and such. Finished putting it together about 5:00 this evening. Took another break and went out for dinner with the wife and daughter and the daughters boyfriend, came home and watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Not a bad flick, as far as suerhero movies go. I had no idea Wolverine was that old.

Anyway, it's now 10:00pm and I just cleaned up after slapping a coat of wood sealer on it. It doesn't look too bad if you don't look at it too close, anyway. I made a few mistakes but I took notes and I'll do better on the next one. The wife already requested another one for her to sit in. Hoo boy.

I did get to sit in it before I sealed it. They are some pretty comfy chairs, I must admit.

Thanks Guy!


  1. Grandpas folded up on him once when he was sitting in it. Haven't seen it out since then. But the double adrondack with the table in the middle is still out on the front porch. Damn thing must way 200 lbs.

    Wish I had a place to put together a real wood shop. Siiiigghhhhh.....

    Your sibling

  2. Darev, Excellent job! I made a template for reach piece so when needed I can jam out four a day or more if I get out to the shop earlier than noon. This reminds I need a new band for the band saw.

    Good work, my friend.

  3. DUDE! That's awesome! I'm going to go sulk now because my husband never makes me anything like that.

    I bitched long and hard about having to go see Wolverine. and then Hugh Jackman came on in a tight tank top and I was like 'Oh. um. okay.' LOL

  4. Critter- You really should get an account here. It's not hard. I think that folding chair folded up on me once, too. Maybe I'll stick with the solid ones.

    Guy- Thanks. I couldn't/wouldn't have done it without you. I need to make templates. I know I'll end up making more of them.

    Amy- I'm sure he makes you happy in ways that I don't. And I wish I could look half that good without makeup. Sadly, I don't.

  5. Critter has an account, she just doesn't use it.