Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not Sure I'm Well Enough Yet

Actually, I'm sure I'm not. But I have been home sick for a day and a half now and it is driving me crazy.

I don't have the energy to get up and do anything. I either sit here at my desk beside a growing mound of used kleenex or sit in my recliner and stare blankly at the teevee because I can't follow what is going on.

I'm supposed to be down at the training building at 8:00 am for movement team training. There are serious doubts in my mind that I will actually show up. Unless my fever breaks overnight.

Besides, if I came in this sick the rest of the class would kick my butt for coming around them. And I have been to movement team training before. There's not much chance I will get through the day without breathing on someone.

Gad! This is the thing I hate worst about working in that toxic waste dump we call the Hive. Way too much of other peoples funk blowing in my face all the time. If there's something going around, I'm going to get it. It's a damn good thing that some of the stuff those guys have is not airborne.

We'll see what happens in the morning, I guess.


  1. Not to sound like an ass, Rev, but maybe you need a flu shot. Or hell, the whole prison does. My wife works in a hospital and they get one every year.
    I suggested that where I work and they just laughed at me. So, I'll make sure to use some sick time for mental health days.

  2. I am all about getting flu shots, I have missed on 30 years, but keep in mind that DOC is the very,very,very,very, last to even think about getting flu shots. If you can see a personal doctor please go get your shot.


  3. Joe and Doc- For one thing, you guys are up way too early. For another, every year for seven years when I was in the Army they made me get a flu shot. And every year for seven years, just like clockwork, I got the flu withing a week of getting the shot. And it was just as bad. Twice it turned into pneumonia. I'm not a believer in flu shots anymore.

  4. Get Better! Take all the time you need to do so as well. There is something going around, they had to take one of us out yesterday to the hospital because they fell out from it. You can always redo movement training.

    Ms. Dorothy

  5. Ms. D- I'm glad you recognized yourself. I'm feeling a bit better, but I did overdo it a tad.