Monday, September 7, 2009

Scene Of The Crime

All right. Don't know all of the details on this. Thanks be to The Squid that I know it happened at all. So let me just muck around in the dark a little and see what I can come up with here.

Apparently, some time around noon or a little before two inmates threw a third inmate on the ground in the shake out room down at the laundry and stabbed him three times in the back.

The wounds aren't life threatening, or so I am told. But he is up in medical.

Supposedly the two were caught and sent down to the Hive. No word yet on whether or not the weapon or weapons have been located.

No staff witnessed the actual event. There are no cameras down in laundry that I know of. There may be, I just don't know about them. Maybe they just found the one spot where there aren't any, I don't know. I suppose they just found the guy laying on the ground. Again, I don't know.

This sort of thing seems to be on the upswing. More violence than before. When I first got here, this was a pretty bad place to work. Kind of hairy, if you know what I mean. In the past few years it had tapered off and there was very little. Now it seems to be increasing again.

I called Vinnie to see if he had any more information. He hadn't much. He was all broken up about the recent death of his pet goldfish Angus. He named him after Angus Young of AC/DC, I think. Up until recently, they had been inseparable. Now... well, you know how it goes. Anyway, he's inconsolable and mostly incoherent and not much help.

But he did pass along a piece of data that I had not heard before. Apparently the inmates are getting pretty good at hiding their shanks. They have taken to gluing dirt and lint to them and sticking them up in the corners beneath the heater vents. If you don't actually stick your hands in there and dig through it, it just looks like some bad housekeeping and not a weapon.

And, of course, you don't really be wanting to stick your hands down in a spot where you cannot see what you are doing if you suspect there is a weapon down there. Despite some earlier close calls, I have made it this long with all ten of my fingers more or less intact and I would really like for the trend to continue, if you know what I mean.

So let us be thorough and careful in our searching, shall we?

And try to be a little more vigilant in our work.

This is probably the last time this week I am going to feel good enough to write. Going to the dentist tomorrow to have a couple of teeth pulled.

But do keep me informed, please.


  1. Is it disturbing that I like the word 'shank'?

  2. Amy- It is kind of a cool word. But if your kids were making them and hiding them around the house it would lose its' glamor pretty quick.