Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Your Tax Dollars At Work!

Had an interesting conversation with one of our nurses this evening. Not Super D or Nancynurse, one of the other ones.

He had brought out a few medical refusal slips for KP to sign. Every time one of the offenders refuses his medication one of these slips has to be filled out and documented in their file and in the computer. He usually has a handful of them to sign.

Once they pull these meds for the offenders to take, if they refuse them, they cannot be put back into stock. They get thrown away.

And if an offender continuously refuses his meds, do the doctors take him off of it? Nooooo... They keep trying to get him to take them, day after day.

I asked this nurse how much money was wasted on refused meds. He said "Thousands of dollars a month. Per inmate."

Just guessing, off the top of my head (math is not my strong suit), but I'm willing to bet that if we discontinued all of these expensive medications (that you and I and everyone else in the state is paying for, by the way) that the offenders are refusing to take, we could have enough money to solve our staffing problem.

Combine that with all of the other camps all over the state and we might even be able to get a small raise out of the deal! Boy howdy, wouldn't THAT be nice!

But no, that's not the DOC way. We'll just keep throwing all of those pills either into the toilet or into the landfill (and poisoning our land and water while we are at it) and using great gobs of money to make sure that they don't get stuck in the drain.

If the townies knew how easy a life most of these punks had inside and exactly how much of their tax money was being flushed away every day, we'd have frenzied mobs at the gates. Half of them would want to shut the place down (like that would help) and the other half would be wanting in.

Jiminy Freaking Christmas.


  1. I keep thinking how those wasted meds could go to some old people who can't afford the meds they really need. :-/

  2. Amy- It would be nice if somebody benefited from the buttheads wasteful ways.