Friday, September 25, 2009

Off Topic Rant

Just want to slide off of the topic of working in a prison full of stupid people here for a moment and dive into a quick rant.

The country is in bad shape. There are jobs being lost and businesses being shut down every day. The economy sucks and nobody has any money to fix any of our domestic problems. Those of us lucky to have jobs aren't being paid very much with no hope of any relief in the future.

So why are we spending billions of dollars to wage war in at least two different countries where we are not wanted? Why are we spending that money over there when we have so many problems over here?

What would happen in Iraq and Afghanistan if we just took our people out of there and said "Figure it out for yourself, we don't want to play anymore."? Would they self destruct? And why should we care?

Luckily for me, there was no wars on when I was enlisted and by the time they got rolling I was too old and too fat to go back in. I gave my country seven years of my life and managed to make it out in one piece. I consider myself extremely lucky. Many many of my friends carry scars inside and out from their service.

Veterans are not getting a fair shake in this country, either. There was a time not so many years ago when being a veteran was something that everyone could be proud of. A man in uniform was honored and revered as a hero. When we lost that, we lost a big piece of our national pride.

It's time for America to stop looking out for the rest of the world and start looking after itself. This is our home and no other country is going to step in and say "Wow. Things are looking a little rough there. Here's a few billion dollars in aid. Will that help?" Even our supposed allies aren't going to do that.

Let's stay home for the next ten years and fix some of the problems in our own house. Let the rest of the world tend to their own knitting for awhile.

Thank you.


  1. I'm for killing a few more thousand Taliban, including Osama. Then, we can stop being the traffic cop of the world and take care of business at home

  2. My hub is going to be finishing off his last few years as a Reservist. I have mixed feelings about that. :-/

  3. OIL and large contractors who get paid big bucks to rebuild things we destroy.

  4. I hate war. We all suffer. I have killed. I have seen death up close and very personnel...For what? democracy, umm I think not. Money-Oil ah yes,...