Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How To Win Friends.......

You know, there is a way to deal with people when you want something. You learn it in school and you learn it from your friends and you learn it from your parents. You share. You ask politely. You wait your turn.

Most of us have this down pat by the time we are say..... six years old or so.

Some people, it seems, never get the concept.

Take, for example, this idiot that was up in B-23. I say was because even tho the Boss said not to move him, he is now in C-1 on suicide watch.

Every time we put him in a cell with someone else he would either get in a fight with them or declare them an enemy and demand to be moved. He threatens to kill anybody who gets near him when he is behind the door. So we stuck him in a cell where his cellie has been on outcount for two years and isn't likely to come back anytime soon.

He didn't seem to like that much and has been demanding to be put in a cell with someone else. And he's been being an ass about everything in hopes we will move him. The game he has been playing lately is not giving up his tray after the meals. That got him put first on styrofoam trays and then today on sack meals.

Nobody ordered his sack meal from the chow hall, so when we got the food we didn't have anything to give him. I called and they said they would send something down with the truck when it came back. Chuck fed the wing (everybody but him) and told him he would get his sack meal when the truck came back.

I went into the wing awhile later to do something and he was kicking on his door calling me bi*ch-a*s this and mother fuc*ing that and I had better give him his motherfuc*ing food right motherfuc*king now! I told him (politely, but I don't know why I bothered) that his food was coming. He didn't like that answer and kept up with the kicking and the screaming and calling me names.

He never did manage to hurt my feelings and I think that pissed him off a little bit.

After awhile Chuck went into B-wing to pick up the trays and he was still in there singing the same old song demanding his food and calling Chuck everything but his nephew. Chuck treats temper tantrums the same way I do: he ignores them. That just pissed this little idiot off so he said the one phrase that is bound to catch our attention: "I'm gonna kill myself!"

Yup. That got our attention. Chuck, Ms. Dorothy, Ms. W and I were all at the door when it came open and Ms. W and I each took an arm to "escort" him to C-wing. He tried to pull away once and it almost went bad from there but we got him in the cell and stripped out and gave him a smock and made the calls to put him on suicide watch for the night.

And as soon as the door was shut he started kicking and screaming and demanding his food.

Took it awhile for it to get there. The um...... truck was late. Yeah....

I think his parents need a talking to as well. They did a lousy job raising that boy.

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