Friday, September 11, 2009

Rockin' The Shop

Here I go, breaking tradition again.

Well, I just had so much fun with my new toy that I had to share it.

When I first started working in sign shops almost twenty years ago, I always carried a tape deck to work. I work better when there is music playing. Problem is, tape decks have moving parts and shops are always full of dust. Sooo.... I went through a lot of tape decks.

Then along came cd players. Very cool, but even more susceptible to dust. Went through alot of those, as well. It doesn't take much dust to let the smoke out of a cd player, lemme tell you.

My cd player had just bit the big one during the clean up a couple of weeks ago. Right in the middle of Jethro Tulls' "Thick As A Brick". Pfui. Figured I was just going to be stuck with the radio until I could get a new cd player.

The wife went up to Big Lots this morning and came back with a powered mp3 speaker system. It's the black box with the silver circle and the two skinny things attached to it. The two skinny things are surprisingly powerful speakers and the big black box is the bass. She tried hers and liked it so I went and got me one too.

Spent the best part of the day with my mp3 player fully loaded and jacked in to the thing and rocking out. Actually made a few things.
This is a rack I made for the wife to hold her paper punches. They were all just laying in a drawer and she had to dig through them to see what she had. Now she can see them clearly. Actually, the idea was hers, (she's an organization whiz) but the sweat was mine. And mostly made from scrap junk I had already.

And I made another rack to hold the hundreds of rolls of ribbons she has piled in another drawer, but the paint isn't dry yet so I couldn't put it together to take a picture.

I spent the day jamming out and making things and breaking things and making a mess and cleaning it back up.

It was a good day.

P.S. I made 3.5 cents with my ads! Whoo Hoo!


  1. Nice job on the project and congrats on the first profits :)

  2. Tango- Now, where should i spend all of my ill gotten gains?