Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Concerned Face

I'm not sure how much time I have spent in my life wondering about people. I'm suspecting it's a good percentage of it.

In my line of work, you would think I would have gotten past that by now.

But people still amaze me every day. Well, maybe amaze isn't exactly the right word. Astound. Confound. Flabbergast.

And occasionally amaze. That's cool, too. It's a nice change now and then.

But I really have to wonder about whoever that is in Tulsa, Oklahoma who has been reading my blog steadily for a day and a half straight.

It was kind of startling. I usually average 30-40 hits a day on here. On a real good day 50-60. Nothing earth shattering, but I'm not trying to be the next Paul Harvey or Rush Limbaugh (whoever). I just get on here to rant and get this stuff out of my head.

But yesterday I looked at my stats and had 170 hits. I thought "Wow!" And when I looked most of them were from the same person in Tulsa. I could see them going through each post one at a time. And just now when I got home I checked again and today I had 193 hits! And there it was, that same poor person slogging through this mess one post at a time.

Dude..... are you okay over there?

Do you need me to call anybody?

This really isn't very safe, you know. The inside of my head isn't very pretty sometimes. I can't be held responsible if something in your head breaks from this. You might like it better with a little moderation.

Let's be careful out there.


  1. LOL...I didn't know we could reach each others stats. Learn something new everyday. :)

  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to cause concern. I've been home sick and have nothing to do so I was reading your blog like a book. Great blog, by the way... interesting and nicely written.

  3. Hey, you flushed Susie out of "lurk" mode! Good work!

  4. Tango- It's fun to look at sometimes. I keep a list of where my hits come from. Now that I have all of the U.S., I'm hoping for at least one hit from every country in the world. That may take a few years.

    Susie- Thank you and welcome! I just don't want anybody to overdose and make themselves sick. Or sicker. Sometimes writing this stuff makes me a bit queasy. The inside of my head is often a dark and nasty place. Bit I try to make it as humorous and interesting as I can. Come back anytime.

    Donna- LOL! Thought I had a stalker or something. I have probably prolonged her illness by days. (grin)

  5. "Do you need me to call anybody?" goose.'re not so bad. I'm as morose as you are and I don't think I'm that off the deep end. (Or maybe I'm just fooling myself?)

  6. Amy- Goose? Me? I dunno. Anybody who can write about people playing in their own poop and make it funny has some issues.