Thursday, September 17, 2009

Watching Me, Watching You

Here we go again. It wasn't bad enough when it was just the Captain watching us. And calling down every five minutes asking why we were doing what we were doing. Now they have the same setup in the Wardens office. So now we have two layers of busybody lookie-loos trying to run the house by remote control.

And I'm sure all of the assistant wardens will get their own access if they don't have it by now. And they all want to call down and complain about how we are doing our jobs.

If we call up every five minutes and tell them what we are doing, it's bothering them. But if they call down and ask us what is going on every five minutes, they are doing their job.

And of course, you can't tell the warden or one of his assistants or even the captain to go jump in a lake. That doesn't look good on a resume'. I've done it a time or two and it tends to piss them off.

There was a time one day when all hell was breaking loose and I was up in the bubble. There was a use of force and I think a movement team and we were still trying to get the house fed and back under control and the damn phone kept ringing off the hook. I'm up in the bubble running back and forth opening and closing doors and trying to keep an eye on all of the staff in the house and at that time there was plenty of them all running in different directions. And the phone kept ringing and ringing. Three times I can remember picking up the phone and barking "I'm busy! Call back later!" and slamming the phone back down.

It's bad enough when they micromanage, but it's even worse when they micromanage from a comfy desk chair on the other side of the camp.

Like I said the other day, I will be glad when they finally break their new toys and there isn't any money to replace them. I have all kinds of money saving ideas but I won't give them any of them. They would probably spend the money to put in more cameras with audio and then we would all be screwed.

I am so glad it's friday.

I'm going to try and build me a comfy chair to sit in. If nothing else, I will build an ugly chair to laugh about.


  1. I bet you could rig up a computer to give automated responses to the typical questions.


  2. I wonder how they would like it if their boss' watched them every minute and questioned them as to what they were doing and why they didn't do this or that. It's like working under a microscope. They would quickly find out how oppressive a working environment it is. I suppose they just don't give a rats ass about us, though. Question: How many straws does it take to break a camel's back? Answer: Just one.....

  3. WE should rename the Hive to the "Peetree" since we're ALWAYS under the microscope down there. I bet if they put it in the post bid that you can't move without being watched and subjected to the B.S., no-one would ever bid there.

  4. When you think about it, no more than they have found to bitch about, at least on our shift, must leave them quite frustrated.

  5. amy- Yeah. We could just set up an answering machine "Hello, this is the Hive. We're busy, but everything is fine. If we need you, we will call you. Have a nice day."

    Anon- I wonder if the big bosses up in the capital will be installing a camera in the wardens office any time soon? I doubt it, They just want to cover their own butts and leave ours hanging out in the wind in case anything happens.

    Squiddly- That's the problem. Nobody wants to bid down there now and they are making it worse!

    KP- And frustrating them is what I'm all about. I'm not in the mood to give anybody anything they want right now.