Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey! Check This Out!

For those of you who want a better look at what life is like for Corrections Officers, there's another place you can go besides listening to me drone on and on.

It's a site called The Sally Port. Pretty good site and it seems to be gaining new members all the time. I just got a real good look at it the other morning and I was impressed by what I saw. There's alot of good pics and some hair-raising stories and awesome videos.

I watched one video of a CERT team going into a cell block to search that scared the pants off of me. Me, I don't want to work anywhere that the first man in the cell block carries a shotgun. I'm not one to run from danger, but I'm too old and too beat up and too mindful of my own skin to work in a place like that.

Kudos to those who can do it, tho. Those people are awesome.

Anyway, if you get the time, go check them out.

Tell 'em Darev sent ya!


  1. they let anybody join?
    It says: The Sally Port was created for real law enforcement operators.

  2. Tango- Hell they let me join, they should let anybody. There's alot of cool stuff to see even without having to join, tho.

  3. The Shot Caller - The Sally Port founder. Thanks for the shout out. We are growing pretty fast. The more members the more content. Hope to see you all there. To answer your question, The Sally Port is only open for law enforcement membership.

    Cuff'um and Stuff'um!

  4. Ah well, you can't please everybody. Like I said, there's still cool and scary stuff to see if you look around.