Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm Not "Bouncy"

The bastards made me run.

I hadn't even made it down to the house yet and they made me run.

The savage swine.

On my monday, yet.

Just tooling down the walk, me and BG. Getting caught up on what happened during the weekend. He was giving me all the skinny on the inmates and all the good gossip on the staff. I heard a call for the B-yard Sarge to come to the wobblehead house. Sounded a bit excited and I perked my ears up. Then they called it! 10-5!!

Oh snap! I ran through medical and flung my lunchbox at the C.O. working there while he open the doors for us. Got through medical and down the ramp outside and onto the walk....

And they 10-6'ed it. Just like that.

Pfui. Back through and down to the house I went....

Turns out they sprayed the guy and one of ours got hurt in the process. I hear he broke his thumb and will be out of commission for several weeks. Too bad. He's a good cat to have around. Steady and not too excitable. He'll be missed.

Anyway, they get this knucklehead down to the house and get him stripped out and he immediately says he's going to cover the walls of his cell with poop and be a general nuisance. He covers the camera in the cell (turns out it was just a piece of paper) and starts screaming and kicking the cell door.

Supposedly the Lieutenant calls down and tells one of the day shift officers (I'll call her Ms Bright Eyes, for lack of a better nickname) that if he doesn't calm down and stop kicking, to spray him again. So when I walk into the office she grabs me by the arm and says "Come on!" and starts bouncing around like a chihuahua puppy after drinking a grande cappuccino. "Come on!" she says and drags me into C-wing.

Well, by then the guy has calmed down a bit and when we look through the window he gets mad all over again and comes up and slaps the door. She starts bouncing around again and is ready to open the chuck hole and hose him down. And I just said "No. There's no reason to open that chuck hole and have a use of force. Let's let him calm down and see if he can act like a civilized human being."

Safe to say that I am no longer a favorite with Ms Bright Eyes. That's too bad, but I can live with that. She's still young and heals fast and thinks she's immortal. Me, I bang a toe on the couch and I hurt for days.

And how in the hell did I ever end up being the voice of reason? What the snap? That's like Timothy Leary lecturing on temperance and self control.

I don't get it.

Anyway, so far the knucklehead has behaved himself. He'll probably get mad all over again when they read him his violation and he realizes that he could be facing more prison time for an assault on a staff member. Hell, he might lose it completely. You just never know.

But I survived my monday and nobody else got hurt.

That's what counts, I guess.


  1. LOL....a trigger happy grande cappuccino drinking chihuahua puppy.

  2. be young again...(sigh)...full of piss and vinegar and ready for anything. Bless her heart!!!

  3. I felt like Rabbit being bounced around by Tigger. Especially after having ran to the 10-5. Still a bit winded and she starts all that. Youth is wasted on the young.

  4. Youth (insert scoff here). Who needs them. I have a sign at my desk that says "We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?"

  5. I like her. She's got balls. Figuratively speaking, of course.

  6. Icypup- Hoo yeah! I gotta get me one of those signs.

    BA- I like her too. But don't tell her that.

  7. And how in the hell did I ever end up being the voice of reason? What the snap? That's like Timothy Leary lecturing on temperance and self control.

    I don't get it.

    LOL darev......I've missed reading you, loopy's gotta get back in the to speak.
    thanks for the laugh
    loop of michigan