Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slept In

Ack. I didn't wake up until ten o'clock. Now my day is going to be all off. We were short people last night, so they held some over from day shift. GM, who just went to days on sunday, got held over and sent down to our house. He was pissed.

So to get him out of the house as soon as possible, they sent him home at ten and asked me to stay until 11:30. Was sleepy as hell by the time I got home, but ended up not going to sleep until after 1 am.

It's cool that I got an hour and a half overtime, but man! that just throws my whole schedule off.

As soon as the wife gets back with our one working vehicle, I have to try to get my truck to a mechanic. Some guy my brother in law recommended. My whole morning is shot.

Sitting here slamming down the coffee and trying desperately to get awake. I hope I'm at least coherent by the time I get to work.

Luckily for everyone, my day at work went much better than my morning did. That was a close call.

Anyway, sorry about this rambling. I'll try to be more interesting tomorrow.

Update: I found a mechanic who will do the job and my truck should be done this afternoon! Yayyyyy! And a friend of ours in Scotland says that since we had three disasters yesterday, we should be done for awhile. Man, I sure hope so....

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  1. See, I told you :) You'll have all the bad stuff out of the way for a while.