Tuesday, June 2, 2009


They came and installed our new computers yesterday! Yayyyyy!!!!

Oh, wait..... I haven't been to the training yet.... I can't get on the system.. Has ANYBODY in this room had the training so we can get on the new system????

Oh snap.

Luckily, Sgt Miz P had been so she could get on and get us the information we needed. If she hadn't, we would have been screwed. Our bubble officer (who rarely uses the puter) is going to training today. Chuck goes tomorrow and I go thursday.


And we discovered that when they ran the lines for the new system (6 or more months ago) that they neglected to drop a line into the nurses office. So they can't hook her new computer up at all. And she hasn't been to the training, either.

What a great big steaming load of cheap state lowest bidder crap!!!!

On the way home last night the alternator in my truck died. All of the sudden my cd player died and my lights started to dim. Had to make it home on battery power. Hopefully I can jump it off and get it to the mechanic. There's at least $250.00 down the drain.

And this morning the wife asked me to take the aerator off the bathroom sink so we could clean the lime scrudge out of it. When I put a wrench on it to take it off, it was so jammed up that I broke the faucet. So I get to spend the morning running back and forth for parts and to the mechanic and replacing the bathroom faucet.


The inmates better hope my mood improves or somebody is going to have a bad day.

Update: I drove the little truck down to the mechanic to make sure they could get my big truck in today. I started smelling gasoline so bad it was making me nervous. When I got to the shop, I discovered that there is apparently a major hole in the gas tank. So now I am down two vehicles.

Ooooooooo........ SO not having a good day.

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  1. Sorry you're having such crappy day. :(
    Looks like you're having a bad case of Murphy's Law.
    Look on the bright side...after today and after training, you ought to be good to go for a while.