Monday, June 29, 2009

No Blogging Zone

Just going to go on about my statcounter again. I'm keeping a running tally of where I get hits from. It amuses me and keeps me off the streets and out of your email boxes.

I have now registered hits from every state in the U.S. and on every continent except for Africa. I have never had a solitary hit from anywhere inside continental Africa. Strange.

And Antarctica, of course.

But it's the U.S. that surprises me. How the hits run. When I first started of course, nobody but me was reading it. Then my relatives started hitting it out on the west coast. Then a few more here in the midwest. Then it went nuts.

But I've noticed this odd corridor down the western middle of the country where nobody hardly ever hits. Anywhere west of Dallas, Texas and east of Riverside, California I never get any repeat readers. The odd hit now and then from Idaho and Las Vegas and Colorado but they never come back.

I guess I don't have must West Mid-West appeal.

I've got readers all up and down the west coast and my hardcore group in Michigan and Wisconsin and Minnesota and all around Kansas City and down into Arkansas. And there's a fairly new cluster formed up in and around Washington D.C. which makes me nervous. (grin) You never know what those people are up to. Hopefully, they just need a laugh now and then.

I try to provide.

I even have a few repeat readers in the U.K. and Belgium and in France, if you can believe it.

You guys just make my day.

Ok, enough of that.

I was right about my prediction yesterday. When they came down to read the violation on the guy they had called the 10-5 on, he went nuts. They wrote him for a #2 Assault on staff since that officer broke his thumb in the fracas and he could be facing more time. He came all unglued and smeared his cell with poop.

What a twit.

When we got there they had him out of the shower and the biohazard guys were cleaning it up. So we hung out and put him up when they were done. He was calm and polite and went right back in to his cell with no problem.

An excitable fellow, it seems. I can't wait to see what sets him off next.

And we got the Stork back today on suicide watch. Cutting himself superficially for the attention. Hoo boy.

Here we go again.....


  1. (In my best Marlon Brando, with Godfather theme playing in the background...) "Now that I have done 'dis ting for you, I will come to you in the future and ask you for a favor. If you refuse, I will break your thumb and rub poop all over myself."

  2. lol....Bad Actor
    .....and I have a 40 gallon holding tank that's almost full of poop. I'll have it transported from the D.C. area.

  3. So I just left a comment on another blog and my verification word was "poop stain". WTF? That's what I get for being a smart ass.

  4. I say let the guy wipe poop everywhere...The stop being so nice and others to clean it up. Make some of these knuckle heads spend a few hours or days with their own poop in a locked, they would think twice about doing it again. The fact is these are behavioral issues not mental or health issues. Sorta like when you are house breaking a dog, when the dog sh*ts on the floor, you rub his nose in it..Ummm ideas for some of the residents of the hive?

    Always a rush to read...Keep it up! oh yea, even though I am in the Midwest pretend like I am on Safari and you are getting this Kenya...Feel better

  5. I will try and get you Africa...I know people. No promises. -Icypup

  6. BA- Yeah, he sure showed us, didn't he?

    Tango- No more, please. We have more than enough poop here in the midwest. And I've heard that poop from D.C. is self-regenerating.
    Some of those veri words are hilarious.

    Doc- I agree. When someone paints with poop I think we should shut off the exhaust fans and let him sit in it for a minimum of two hours.

    Icypup- You rock! I don't know a soul in Africa. And Nelson Mandela won't return my calls. Know anybody in Antarctica?

  7. Don't be getting a big head there, Darev. Take out the ones where people are just searching out images, and you'll have only a comfortable hand full.

    I wish our counter could filter those out.

  8. Guy- I can tell which ones are looking for pics. Allow me a few illusions, okay? I only really "count" the repeat hits. It's just odd that there's that big blank corridor. And Africa. It's a statistical anomaly.

  9. Not really that much of an anomally. They are still pretty busy hacking each other up with machetes and poaching rhinoceros in Africa, aren't they? No time for blogging. The Mountain States, I dunno.