Saturday, June 6, 2009

Computer Training For Tards

So they threw out all of the "dumb terminals" and replaced them all with pc's. The Department of Social Services had all of these computers for years and when they upgraded we got them. Old Dells that are no longer made nor supported by the manufacturer.

Supposedly they were tidied up and reformatted and fixed.


And the new system wouldn't accept our old passwords from the old system so we were forced to go to training to get our new passwords.

They forced us to sit through this 45 minute video presentation that was so simple that single celled organisms could have understood it. It spent ten minutes explaining what a mouse was and what the monitor was and which button on the mouse was the left and the right.

I was a little more than mildly insulted.

So I had to spend 45 minutes to get a new password that took me 30 seconds to log on and verify. And I did it twice in 30 seconds just to be sure.

I am now able to access the new system and the old AS-400 system. This gives me two email accounts that fill up with garbage every day and I have to empty them before I can do anything else.

When you first log on to the AS-400 all of your email pops up to the front. You have to do something with each one, either delete it or ignore it, before you can do anything at all with the system. So if you have been gone on vacation for two weeks and you're in a hurry to get some information, you're just screwed. And we aren't allowed to change that setting.

Apparently, we are considered too stupid to pour pee out of a boot with the directions on the bottom.

But then, most of us are. Hence, the tard training.

I survived, and the trainer did too, so I guess it was a good thing. She seemed like a nice woman, even if her video was promoting extreme violence.

It remains to be seen if I can still get on the system when I go back to work tomorrow. It has already broken down on me twice. Last night I logged on and all of my icons were gone off the desktop. That sucked.

I'm off to enjoy my one day off this week. If I can. The wife has some out of state company visiting and my house is full to the gunwhales with cackling women. I'm gonna have to jam my earbuds in for my mp3 player and go out and mow the lawn just to get some peace and quiet.


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