Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Skating, Anybody?

Oh yeah, here's my favorite time of year. Hot as hell and muggy like you put your head in a pot of broccoli soup. And I hate broccoli soup.

I come home from work dripping wet and I smell like the backseat of a New York cab. My hair is matted to my forehead and my eyelids are sore from wiping the sweat away.

And the worst of all, is my legs and back hurt from walking around on the slippery concrete floors. When it gets hot and humid the floors just start oozing moisture and they get slick slick slick. And it doesn't matter what sort of shoes you are wearing, if you move wrong, you are going down.

One year I spent the extra dough and bought me a pair of those "No Slip" work boots. They weren't worth a damn on that wet concrete.

It's usually not too bad during the day. In the evening though, that stuff starts oozing up and it gets slick as hell. If anything ever goes down in the middle of one of our wings when the floors are like that, we're going to have alot of people hurt.

I worry about stuff like that. I try to position myself by the wall so if something happened I could push off and hopefully slide either out of the way, or into it, depending on what was called for.

I think I think too much.

And basically, there's not a damn thing we can do about it. We've tried everything and nothing helps.

So we try to walk carefully and endure.

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