Friday, June 5, 2009

Dodged A Bullet (Maybe)

Got down to the house late after going to my computer training class. I'll save a pithy description of the class for another post. It was insulting.

The whole way in I had this tight uncomfortable feeling between my shoulderblades like I was expecting someone to bury an axe there. But nobody even mentioned it. However, the Major wasn't even in, so I may have just bought a day. I don't know. When I got to the house there was a maintenance guy outside repairing the rec cages.

I went outside to observe and help him do a walk down afterwards to make sure no pieces of wire got left out there. He did a good job and we are secure again.

When we were outside doing rec last night I was hyper-aware of what the knuckleheads were doing. I was so alert that it was making them nervous. Especially the guys in the two last cages. They kept looking up at me watching them and saying "What???"

I think I'll go on the offensive. There is a set of yard lights between the rec yard and B-side rec that haven't worked for years. If they were repaired it would come close to doubling the light we have out there. It's not so bad in the summer when it's light later in the evening. But in the winter it gets positively dark out there.

So I'll put in a work order to have those lights fixed. They'll bitch and squawk and scream and I'll cite "Safety and Security" and it'll get done eventually. And the offenders in D and C wings will bitch about too much light at night.

I'll tell them "Close your eyes when you sleep. Then you won't notice the light."

That'll make them happy, I'm sure.

Working my day off today. For some reason we are hellishly short of people again. I'm going to grab all the overtime I can get. I figure I'll get what I can before they cut it out again.

We'll see what happens, I guess. And I'll keep practicing those Matrix moves.

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