Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well, Snap!

Grumble grumble grumble.....

I had a jim dandy post here about The Worlds Most Worthless Raincoat, which is standard issue for all of us here at Raccoon City.

But the storms knocked out my internet connection before I could post it. I waited and waited, hoping it would come back up but it didn't.

So I thought "Hey, I'll just leave the page up and post it in the morning!"

Wrong! My computer decided to update and restart itself sometime during the night. So all of my spontaneous genius was wiped away like dust on a chalkboard.

Stupid internet.

Somewhat fittingly, today is Chaos Never Dies Day.

Rock the frack on.

And I'm sure you'll all join me in mourning the passing of Bil Keane, who started the comic strip "Family Circus" back in 1960. He passed away this morning of congestive heart failure.

We'll all miss you, Bil!


  1. I blame gremilins and rap music. RIP Heavy D

  2. I really would have liked to read about raincoats today. Sigh.

    Joe Frasier died this week, too.

  3. Normally Blogger saves the posts you are doing every few words. Go to "new post" and on the bottom left you should see "list of posts". Click on that and you will see the list of entries, even those that were never posted.

  4. It's the Gremlins! Although Chaos Never Dies Day would also explain the events of my day as well.

  5. FlyinMonkey- That swine took my blog post with him! Dang rappers!

    Brent- I'm sorry. It was a good post, too. We'll miss Joe as well.

    Donna- Apparently my connection died sooner than I thought. It only saved the picture and the first two sentences. Pfui.

    Lolamouse- Them dang gremlins!