Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sgt Puddle Saves The Day

Hmmm.... That kinda sounds like the title of a children's book.

Also by the same author:
Sgt Puddle and the Mysterious Red Patches
Sgt Puddle and the Pink Ping Pong Ball Mystery
Sgt Puddle Goes to the Chiropractor
Sgt Puddle Does Jello Shots
Sgt Puddle and the Control Center Monster Hunting Club

Hee hee hee! Anyway...

We had another one of those bad counts today. Nobody could figure it out. The discrepancy was somewhere between 4 house, 6 house and education. They'd counted education three times before giving up.

And Captain CJ was smoking mad. Hot hot hot like one of those foil thingies of Jiffy Pop fixin' to bust open everywhere. She decided to send everybody back and do a name and number count.

Then Sgt Puddle got an idea. He had them write down the names and numbers of the 4 and 6 house offenders at education. Then he had 4 and 6 house write down the names of those that came back into the houses from there.

Only one discrepancy. Our culprit. Apparently he was also the little guttersnipe that fouled up count yesterday but nobody caught him. Standing with 6 house when he belonged in 4 house for all three counts. Busted!

By Jiminy Crickets we'll know where he belongs for the next count! In the Hive for a good long stretch.

He's lucky Captain CJ didn't strip all of his skin off before she sent him down there. That woman has a wicked tongue on her when she's in a mood.

I know. I've been on the receiving end of one of her tirades before. Yowch!

Once again, I was so glad I wasn't up there on the desk tonight. I just stayed in the comm room all by myself, stress free for a change.

Before I went inside today Lil' B came up and asked me if I wanted to give up my Saturday/Sunday job for a Monday/Tuesday job down in the Hive.

I said I'd think about it.


Ummm..... No. Sorry but... No.

So Thursday is going to be Take A Hike Day. I'll be doing that along the Del Norte fence. It will also be Guinness World Record Day, Homemade Bread Day, the Great American Smokeout, National Baklava Day and Saint Elisabeth of Hungary Day.

Who will get the record for smoking the most homemade bread?


  1. I'd like to read Sgt Puddle Does Jello Shots - I bet it's a yummy read!

    Sounds like counting is a real work hazard - I'll mail you some extra fingers. I do get careless at work and have nipped more than a cuticle or two in my time.

    Hang in there!


  2. Sounds like some not so children's books haha. And it would figure that it was one of my kids that messed up count. That boy wasn't to bright haha.
    Veri word is GURECE.

  3. Jenny- I've read it. He falls over alot. (grin) And apparently we can use all of the extra fingers we can get.

    FlyinMonkey- You guys get all the sharpest crayons down there, don't you?

    And I love those miniature corn dogs!

  4. Thank you, thank you all. Sometimes it only takes one good idea to make a little sense...and most of the times it's my rank or lower that has them.

    Veri word is prerat.
    A baby vermin. Simple enough

  5. P.S. I also want to read Sgt Puddle Does Jello shots! I'll refrain from the Mysterious red patches although they may be results of the same night...