Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Surprise In My Mailbox

No, it wasn't a puppy. I just liked the picture.

I was actually in the bathroom this morning when the mail came in. Taking care of business, you know.... Thinking about stuff..... when I heard my wife say something I couldn't quite make out.

I asked her to repeat that and she said "You got a letter from the personnel office!"

Oh snap. If I hadn't been just then, I probably would have. If you know what I mean.

So I have an appointment to interview for Sergeant on December 5th. Aaaaiiieeee!!!

It's been kind of an emotional roller coaster all day. I tried to keep it to myself and act all casual but I couldn't. The first person I ran into was Drew who said "Did you get a letter? I got mine yesterday!" Well, that let the cork out of the bottle and it's been my topic of conversation all day.

I really hope I didn't make anybody else crazy with it.

Peggy Sue came by later in the evening (I was so happy to see her, especially then) and gave me a big squeezy hug which helped calm me down some and her and Sgt Puddle gave me an intensive counseling session on things to prepare and think about and say in the interview.

I hope I can remember a tenth of that stuff when I walk in the door.

Snap! It has been just long enough since I put myself on the register that I had almost calmed back down. Now I'm all nervous again.


Wednesday is going to be Dr Who Day, Fibonacci Day, National Espresso Day, Tie One On Day and Saint Cement I Day.

Imagine Dr Who on espresso!


  1. You got a letter!!?? Woohoo!! That's awesome. Good luck buddy and honestly if anyone deserves it it is you. And, I mean that. Again, congrats and good luck, though I really don't think you are going to need it!
    Veri word is CYCLUX...
    A one eyed chicken.

  2. Well I gotta say I really thought you had a puppy in your mailbox. Not gonna lie...I was really disappointed that there was no puppy. I feel like you tricked me.

    But it kind of made up for it in the second part. I hope you get Sergeant! But it's not quite as cool as a puppy in your mailbox.

    Hey, I'm a girl! Puppies are always better than promotions!

  3. Good luck on that Sarg. Also, A new Tale is up, but it says three weeks ago...doesn't Blogger know some people procrastinate. Sheesh.

  4. Sounds like an exciting time. Good luck with your interview! Hope you get the job.