Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another 3 Count Night

Three! Three counts! Ah-ah-awww.... snap. At least I wasn't in the control center for this bit of silliness. I actually made it out to 30 yard where I was supposed to be.

And after last night I squelched any curiosity I had about what went wrong and never even called anybody to find out.

As long as it finally cleared and nobody had escaped, I didn't want to know.

But they did make me walk that dang mile-long inner perimeter check three times, the evil swine.

Being as how the 30 yard shack has no power at all I was forced to go to 30 house to heat up my dinner and make a pot of coffee and got repeatedly trapped by the Mighty Sore and had to listen to his interminable stories.

The man has been everywhere and done everything and been richer than Queen Isabella and heartily satisfied every single woman north of the equator, all the while checking his Nordic good looks in the mirror.

I do say he tends to make me feel rather sub-par and ill-contented with both my life and my intelligence.

But I bore the brunt of his attacks on my less than stellar life with aplomb and let him regale with tales of his daring-do because I got to sit down and rest my tired feet in between the microwave and the coffee pot.

That was an equitable trade for the assault on my ears. They are still stinging a bit, but it will fade.

We survived.

Wednesday is going to be Button Day. It doesn't specify between a shirt button and a push button. I guess it's up to you. It will also be National Fast Food Day, International Day For Tolerance, Prematurity Awareness Day (but that might be a day early) and the Day of Saint Gertrude.

Don't get too crazy with it.....


  1. Yeah these multiple count nights are killing me. I get tired of the inmates saying, "what did you mess up monkey?"
    "Nothing. I just like walking around with a clipboard. Now stand up and give your celly back his underpants. You'll go blind doing that."
    Veri word is CURANTS...I am too tired to come up with a definition. Maybe tomorrow. I wasted everything on the comeback on the inmate haha.

  2. That guy again?

    I was reminded the other day of my (thankfully departed) co-worker that fit the same M.O. They mentioned Honus Wagner on TV, and I remembered a conversation I'd had with this guy about baseball cards. I mentioned to him that the Wagner card was the most valuable card ever, and I was telling him the story behind it. Of course he pipes up and goes, "I have one of those." Sure you do kid.

    You have my upmost sympathy. Wouldn't it be funny if it was same guy?

  3. FlyinMonkey- That comeback was well worth it. You earned a pass.

    Bryan- I shudder to think there could be more of them. We have at least two here right now. Used to be three, but one quit. At least Sore openly admits he's a windbag. It doesn't slow him down any, unfortunately.

  4. Well, you know I ran into quite a few in the security business. Must be an occupational hazard.