Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Study Time

Ah, the front desk. An hour of busywork then six hours of nothing, then another hour of busywork.

I really earned my state nickle tonight.

When I came in this afternoon Lt Sienna said "Rev, you're on the front desk. That way you can stay up here and study."

Oh snap. Policy and procedure time. He's another one of those who is pushing for me to promote. Not exactly sure why. Maybe they're all thinking "Well, doing it the old fashioned way isn't working. Let's put this lunatic in charge and see what happens! If nothing else, it will be worth a laugh."

So I stayed at the front desk and did very little other than the relentless slaughter of innocent trees as I printed out policy to pore over, hoping (perhaps vainly) that I can at least appear competent when it comes to the promotion interview.

The funny thing was, when I first came in one of the Assistant Wardens was outside talking about how he wished he had never promoted and how the extra money wasn't really worth it. He came real close to talking me back out of it again. I think if Sgt Miz P had been out there listening she would have thumped him squarely on the head.

And being the contrary type that I am, an hour or so later I was out front trying to talk Vinnie into getting on the register as well. He looked at me in shock and asked "Why would you wish a thing like that on me?" I shrugged and smiled and replied Because... misery loves company?"

He still wouldn't fall for it. Smarter than I am, he is.

Almost every day someone suggests something else I should look at and brush up on. I am now the proud owner of a pile of department policy, procedure and SOP's that is so tall it could be used as a pair of jack stands in an emergency.

I just hope that when the time comes it doesn't all blur together into one big mush and come out as incomprehensible babbling.

We shall see, I suppose.

I might not even get a letter for an interview. That would almost be a relief in a way.

I know one Sergeant that interviewed about forty times before he got promoted. I'm not going to be that dogged about it. Interviews make me nervous.

Heck, just thinking about interviewing makes me nervous. Having Vinnie in the room here while I'm writing is making me nervous. That's a first for me. Never had anybody here watching me blog before.

And I think I'll just stop right there. Too many weird pictures just popped into my head.

Wednesday is going to be National Deviled Egg Day. Sweet! I love those things. It will also be Cookie Monster Day and All Souls Day.

Deviled eggs and All Souls? Sounds like a messed up combination. Better have a cookie instead.


  1. I love that feeling (sarcasm alert) when you've studied all you can and everything is just mush in your brain. Then you have to figure out how to show you know any of it.

    I had a student tell me yesterday that she does worse on tests when she studies. Of course, she got a zero on the last vocab quiz, so I don't think that strategy is working out for her.

  2. I have to agree friend. Don't let there be too much useless info jumbled around up there when the answer could be a simple, "Just pick him up and throw him in a cell with Flood". The most common mistake people make is rambling when they answer these questions. Interviewers will let them go until they are done then go on. Just use your head and use what you know through your experience and you'll be wearing a funny hat in no time.

    Veri word: andist- a person who enjoys run-on sentences

  3. Brent- When I cared about a class I would take good notes and never have to study. It drove other people crazy. Right now my brain is turning to mush.

    Puddle- I'm going to try and be concise and brief and always call my zone lieutenant. But I'm up against some pretty stiff competition. And the Major has no idea who I am. I guess that's good and bad.

    And when are you coming back to work, slacker?