Monday, November 7, 2011

Playin' The Game

For once we had extra people on B-yard. Usually A side gets all the cream and it's just me and Sausage out there.

We grumble, but we don't really take it personally.

Besides, everybody knows that Sgt Uncle Buck gets all nervous and weepy if he doesn't have an entourage on the yard. He wasn't here tonight so we made out like bandits.

So tonight we actually had enough people to cover all of the yard. So many, in fact, that Sgt Uncle T occasionally lost track of who was where. It was understandable. Where usually we just have a 70 and a 71, tonight we had 70 (G), 71 (St Francis), 72 (Yours Truly), 73 (New Guy) and 73 alpha (Mr Coffee).

Of course Mr Coffee spent most of the night following his cup around and went from one coffee pot to another. He was there when we needed him, but when we didn't he was off seeking the eternal buzz.

The rest of us sat down underneath the pavilion between movements and played the Rock Band Name Game. The way we played tonight, we started with A. When someone dropped out we went on to B.

At one point Uncle T and I got left alone for awhile and we battled on with B's for over an hour. And band, any musician or entertainer; from Billy Ray Cyrus to Beethoven to Bon Jovi and Bonn Scott, Beatles, Buddy Holly and Benny Goodman.

They called a code 16 down in 9 house for chest pains and we jumped on the cart, still playing. On the way we picked up the Captain and we were still playing. he was sitting on the back of the cart looking at us like "What the snap?" And while we were standing in the day room while the nurse took this guys vital signs I'd say "Benjamin Taylor."

He'd say "Ooh! BB King!"

"Billy Idol."

"Billie Holliday!"

I think the Cap was glad to get rid of us, since he had no idea what was going on. From the look on his face, he thought we were weird.

We made it as far as the G's later on that night and everybody finally gave up in despair. Then we started up with N again later and played that one to death.

And even with all that we still managed to get our work done.

It was a good night.

Tuesday is going to be Dunce Day, Aid and Abet Punsters Day, Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day, Election Day and X-Ray Day.

Punsters! Yeah!


  1. Sounds like an all round decent night.
    Did CCR make it into the C's - and hopefully Meatloaf got tossed around with the M's!

    These names, you give everyone, do you have a master list so you won't forget them?

    I try and picture what these characters might look like given their blog names and sometimes, being that my imagination is a wee bit skewed, I do chuckle as I read along.

    Anyhow...have a great day tomorrow since it sounds like a busy one with all that's going on.

    Cheers, Jenny


  2. You got to play a fun game. I had to play the "find the imaginary cell phone in One House" game. No cell phone but found some breakfast sausages and odd breakfast, but hey, these guys are odd ducks.
    Veri word is DETERIPI...
    To deter an ipi see definition of ipi.
    Ipi- a hippi who suffers from dwarfism.

  3. Big Brother and the Holding Company.

  4. "New Guy?" He doesn't get a spiffy name?

  5. Jenny- Amazingly enough we missed both CCR and Meatloaf. How smart are we?
    I should have made up a list years ago and never did. Now sometimes I have to go back through the entries and say "What did I call him again? Sheesh!"

    FlyinMonkey- That guy needs to learn the difference between a real cell phone and one on teevee. Apparently he's done that more than once.

    Boris- You and Jenny can start a blog and play. I'm done.

    Doug- He hasn't done anything to get a name yet. He's just some new young guy. Something will come to me eventually, I'm sure.

  6. Black Label Society
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Black Sabbath
    Butthole Surfers
    Brother Cane

    ...didn't we do something like this before? Seems familiar.

  7. I love this game. I usually win unless someone thinks I'm making band names up. Legendary Pink Dots usually gets called out. But they're a real band. I promise. Been around for thirty years. From Belgium. I saw them live once.