Friday, November 11, 2011

Good Advice

Since I decided to put myself on the Sergeants register I have been getting alot of advice.

Some good. Some bad. All of it seemingly well meaning.

Read this. Study that. Learn this and memorize that. Read this policy and that SOP. Remember the use of force continuum and learn our Mission Statement.

I've read policy until it's running out of my ears and now it all sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher. "Wah-wha-wa-wa-Wah?" It's all a moosh in my head.

Tonight Sgt Uncle T gave me some of the best advice I've had so far.

"Just relax!" He said. "Don't get all nervous! Those people on the promotion board are the same ones you sat down with in the chow hall last week and made dirty jokes about the mashed potatoes! There's no difference. Be yourself and relax. You'll do fine."

And that is some dang good advice.

Of all of the people that might be on the promotion board the only one I don't know is our new Major. I think I've spoken maybe a dozen words to him since he took over.

It's not that I'm scared of him or avoiding him.

I just haven't gotten into any trouble with him yet and so I haven't had a reason to go in there.

It'll happen.

Sgt Uncle T and I spent alot of time outside the shack tonight standing in the blistering cold wind watching the frost form on the yard. He gave me quite a bit of good Sergeanty advice. There was too much chattering going on inside the shack so we braved the cold and stood outside. It was considerably chillier, but much quieter where we were.

He said "Always back up your people. Don't be afraid to fight for them."

And "Be able to make a call. Decide. Nobody else is going to."

And "Learn something about the people who work for you. Find out their likes and dislikes. If they think you think the same way as they do, they will do anything for you. And it helps pass the time when nothing's happening."

I may have paraphrased a little with some of that. I'm sure I'll hear about it. But hey, my brain is just now thawing out.

If the strangest thing happens and I do get promoted, I will try to stay pretty much the way I am. But I will try to be at least as good a supervisor as Uncle T is. I'm going to use him as an example.

And if that statement just blew my chances for promotion, then they didn't want me that bad in the first place.

So! Now that I have actually managed to write something, on with what you really came here for. Tomorrows list of celebrations.

Friday is going to be (besides 11-11-11) Air Day, Death/Duty Day, Veterans Day and National Sundae Day.

A Sundae on a Friday? Who'd a thunk it?


  1. Wait a minute! Death and duty day is also national sundae day??? Is this just a way of making a sad thing tolerable? Like giving a kid a sucker after giving him shots haha

  2. When we were in the hive what impressed me in a Sargent was one who wasn't afraid to get right into the mix of things and still get their hands dirty. One that wasn't afraid to do the things they were giving orders to do. One who led by example. And one who wasn't afraid to make a damn decision. Those kind of sergeants were few and far between. But the few we did have I'd follow into the worst of situations because I knew no matter how bad things got they would stand with me !

    I'm sure you will do fine rev , just don't be like so many that forgot who they were or where they cane from. Who knows maybe one day they will fix my eyes and I'll be back. You can be my seeing eye Sargent if I come back now ! Lmao


  3. We become what we pretend to be.
    Go with this: "I will try to stay
    pretty much the way I am."

  4. FlyinMonkey- You'd think the people who made these lists would cross check, wouldn't you?

    Ghost- Well, you know I don't mind getting my hands dirty. And you can be my pet CO. I'll just keep you on a real short leash.

    Noisyfrogpond- Welcome! And thank you for the advice. I don't plan on changing any if at all. Kinda stuck this way, anyhow.