Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Misery Loves Company

Sorry. I just couldn't resist that picture when I found it. I'd put in "Misery" and all I got were pictures of that Stephen King book and frankly, Kathy Bates scares the crap out of me.

But then I found this picture and said "Yeah! That's cool! It has nothing to do with my topic but what the snap, right?"

So there it is. Enjoy. Velma was way hotter than Daphne anyway.

It's a darn good thing that misery loves company. Because it was a natural born dog-boned miserable night to be out on the yard, but at least we had plenty of company.

The wind blew in big gusts and it rained and sleeted and snowed and rained and sleeted some more from right after we got there and all night long. It wouldn't have been so bad but for the wind! That stuff would just cut through you like a frozen knife blade against your bones. I wore half of the clothes I owned and I still got cold. My neck and shoulders are all sore from tensing up when those cold gusts hit.

And we had so many people out on the yard that we wouldn't all fit in the shack at the same time. We had to keep rotating in and out so someone else could go in and warm up. I kept hoping two or three of them would offer to go home early just so we could get some space to sit down. But this close to the holidays nobody wants to give up any time waiting for that big comp time payout in December.

I certainly wasn't going anywhere. I'm waiting for that big comp time payout.... (grin)

Anyway, it was a good thing that all of the knuckleheads behaved themselves tonight. We were all pretty miserable and cranky any time we had to go outside and I think they could tell that. I'm sure if we had needed to "escort" somebody in cuffs that they would have ended up just as cold and wet and uncomfortable as we were by the time they got back inside again.

I can walk pretty slow when the mood strikes me. And run pretty quick when I need to. All depending on the situation.

But we all survived and I didn't even get run over by Sgt Uncle T when he drove up on the grass and scared me out of three years growth with his horn. The big putz.

Somebody needs to slap that man, some days. And if he had gotten stuck in the mud I would have laughed my rear end completely off. Before helping to push him back out again, of course.

Tuesday is going to be Square Dance Day (Oh whoop-de-frickin'-doo), Electronic Greetings Day, National Lemon Creme Pie Day, and the commemoration of Saint Saturninus.

Please celebrate in moderation!


  1. There is nothing worse then bone cutting cold weather - I don't envy you your job when I read posts like this - give me an ingrown toenail to deal with at the office any day!! (not that that thrills me, but over the likes of your day, yah, I'm all for hanging with the little piggies).

    I hope your week improves - at least the weather abating would be a start!

    Sending thoughts of marshmallow's being roasted on a toasty (indoor) fire!


  2. Opps, typo..."marshmallow's" needs to lose their attitude and the apostrophe - somedays I just wonder where I went to school!

  3. Psst...hey, wanna get even with ignoramus for his stupid plow down joke? Call him "Baby Huey". It's that simple. Trust me. I know. I've been terrorizing him quietly for years. grin

  4. Sending you electric greetings "Hello"

    safeword: hanth

    Old Englishmen having little, or nothing at all with a smile about them. "Sorry panhandler chap, but I don't hanth one damn dime to giveth away."

  5. Jenny- I'm afraid the weather is only going to get worse for the next few months. But hey, it's part of the job. Not that I wouldn't mind staying inside warm and cozy now and then..

    And I've heard them referred to around here as "moshmellers". I just had to say "What?"

    And Jenny 2- (grin)

    Noisyfrogpond- Oooo snap! I think I'll save that one for a special occasion. And I'll wait until I am out of arms reach before I say it!

    Scott- And an electronic "Hello" right back at you! Oft'times I hanth nary an idea what to do with you!