Friday, October 1, 2010

Off In His Own Little World

People say that about me alot. It's probably true. I'm just visiting this planet.

But I'm actually referring to someone else this time.

Thursdays is my day out on B-yard with Sgt Uncle T. Yeah, you. Ya big galoot. You know who I'm talking about, eh?

Goosey called in again today so they sent us Kermit in his place. Uncle T and I rolled our eyes just a smidgen when we heard that. Kermit is a little difficult to get along with at times.

I think the word that I am looking for is "misanthrope." Look it up. It's a good word to know. And I'll bet now that I know it, I'm going to throw it around a little and see who it sticks to.

Kermit pays very little attention to the world around him for the most part. He tends to focus on very small sections of life at a time.

For example: He's been with the department for well over ten years and most of it here in Raccoon City. Lieutenant Gerber has been here the same amount of time or even a little longer. Kermit was down in front of the chow hall at dinner and was supposed to be doing pat searches of the offenders as they came out. The Lt saw him just standing around and told him to get off his butt and do some pat searches. So he did a couple. Right after the Lt left, he went back to standing around. Sgt Uncle T went up to him and said "Didn't Lt Gerber just tell you that you needed to be doing pat searches?"

To which Kermit replied "Was that Lt Gerber?"

What can you do?

When the yard is open we are supposed to doing roving patrols. Moving around and keeping an eye on things. After all, it's damn near ten acres we have to be able to see. He knows this. He's been on the yard off and on forever.

So what does he do? Parks his butt against a lamp post in one corner of the yard and stays there the whole night.

What did we do?

"It's okay, man. We'll cover the rest of it. Don't worry about the other nine and a half acres."

Sarcasm is completely lost on him.

Other than that we had a remarkably uneventful night. Unlike A-side which stayed busy. I'm beginning to like B-side more and more these days.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to be in the 2 house bubble.

The slowest house on the camp.

I'm trying to remember the last time anything at all happened in 2 house.

If anything ever did.

If I think of something I'll let you know.

And Goosey? Even if you don't like your nickname, yer stuck with it!


  1. We 2 House regulars would appreciate a little credit, please, for keeping the critters in our charge properly anesthetized--a little island of tranquility to be savored whilst the rest of you stalwarts combat the chaos raging all around us.

  2. Kermit would be sent back to Sesame Street if it were up to me. His antics would fit perfectly for an audience of children. ;)

  3. Coup- I wasn't complaining, per se. But the lack of chaos is sometimes numbing. I remember a time not too long ago when the 2 house crew would snooze in shifts. A little too bucolic for me.

    Just Plain Tired- Unfortunately, this Kermit would frighten children. He scares me sometimes knowing that he's my backup.