Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ghost Stories

Yee haw. I got to be the education/library officer tonight. Oh yeah, that was more fun than a duffel bag full of Slinkys!

Yeah, I said Slinkys. It's an inside joke.

All you have to know how to do to perform that job is count and sit down. Release them from education when you can and let them in and out of the library.

At one point, when it was starting to thunder and lightning a little bit outside, Sgt Uncle T call me on the radio and tells me to go to channel two. When I get there he sounds just like one of the McKenzie brothers when he says "Got a big one rollin' in, eh?"

I guess that meant he read the blog about him. At least he takes it well. Some people haven't from time to time.

Finally get done with the library and shut it down around 8:30 and wander out onto A-yard. Uncle Buck looks at me and says "Go count 2 house."

Sure thing, Buck. In about an hour.

So I hang out on the yard with Miz Double H and we end up telling ghost stories. At first she's just kidding and thinks I am too. Then I start telling her that I've seen the dang ghosts around Raccoon City and she starts getting nervous. I guess that's why she wandered off so early.

Then I go up to 2 house and hang out with Miz Fawkes and Mr Coffee and end up telling the same stories over again. Neither one of them had heard my ghost stories before. I don't think either one of them will ever go down to 10 house and be comfortable again.

For those of you who haven't been reading this from the beginning, it's like the premise of a really bad B movie. Raccoon City Prison was built on the grounds of an old abandoned mental hospital.

No, seriously.

I know that if you went to the video store and read that on the back of a DVD, you'd put it back on the shelf and say "Yeah, right. Whatever."

Sometimes it boggles me that I work in such an unlikely place.

I'm actually surprised that we aren't hip deep in ghosts some night. There's even a graveyard from the mental hospital right outside the fence.

Over the years I have seen and heard some strange stuff. And I'm not talking about the live people, either. Although they tend to be much stranger than the dead ones.

This is just a very very strange place. I just hope they never decide to make a movie about it. Nobody would ever rent the dang thing.

So for a Moment of Frustration Day, there wasn't much frustration. At least, not for me.

And tomorrow is International Skeptics Day.

Yeah, I'll believe that when I see it!


  1. Just you and Ms. Fawkes and Mr. Coffee working 2 House? Darn! Don't any regulars work there since I left? Don't make me come back there to kick a... and take names! (Up here in River City I locked up two "clients," as we like to call them, and wrote a cdv for a third, for alcohol intoxication, absconding and trying to smuggle in a knife respectively--all on my first night on third shift. Chaos reigns!)

  2. Quite the place you work at, I'll give you that. ;)

  3. Coup- Everybody else was either out sick or on vacation. So we were the backup team. Sounds like you are making a name for yourself up there. Just ship 'em back and we'll straighten the little punks back out again...

    Just Plain Tired- Probably alot like working in the mall, I'd guess.