Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thinking Too Fast

I have a love/hate relationship going with my Wednesdays. It's my comm room day, as you may know.

I dig the comm room because there is usually very little work involved. Note the italics there. Toady there was a utility up there when I relieved and it didn't take me too long to notice that things were screwed up. It took a little bit later to fully understand how screwed up they were.

It was nothing major, mind you. Just little stuff that kept throwing me off.

There were maybe half a dozen radios in the wrong spots. 114 was in 141. 112 and 113 were reversed. 122 was in 222's spot. Things like that. They just kept throwing me off. Two of the key tabs got misplaced, so I had radios out and didn't know who had them so I had to go back through the sign out sheet page by page and try to read peoples handwriting. I got halfway through and could not find one radio anywhere. It was really really pissing me off.

Luckily for me, Sgt Puddle likes me and he came up to help. And a fresh set of eyes showed me where the mistake was. Made me feel like a dope. I got agitated and was thinking too fast and just couldn't see it.

Pfui. It made me say "Snap" a whole lot.

There was another staff assault down in the Hive today on day shift. Maybe the fifth or sixth one in two weeks, I think.

That little wobblehead Shmelvin (the one that says he's a CIA assassin and a black belt in karate, etc) was down there and played the unresponsive game. Just layed on the bunk and wouldn't move or respond.

So when they went in to make sure he was still alive, he started kicking and struck three staff with his feet before they could get him restrained. One hurt his wrist and had to go get an x-ray.

Then when they wrote him the violations he blamed it all on his "mental illness" and claimed he didn't know what he was doing.

The little jagoff doesn't have a mental illness as far as I'm concerned. His problems are all emotional. He does this stupid crap for attention. That's what got him in prison in the first place. Acting like a fool for the attention.

I don't think he's realized it yet, but he crossed a line that there is no going back from. He hurt a CO. Now every staff member here is going to switch from treating him like he's just a childish fool to treating him like he's a semi-dangerous snaphole. And the next time he even twitches towards anybody he's going to get slammed and hard. We used to just pretty much ignore him and his stupid little games.

Now he is the enemy and will be treated with extreme prejudice.

Personally, I hope he learns that lesson sooner than later.

Because if they press the charges, we're going to be stuck with his little punk butt for another 15-20 years.

Hopefully I will be long gone before they ever even think about letting him out again.

Okay, I'm getting myself all worked up again. Time to decompress and go to sleep.

Let's be careful out there.

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