Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chilly Inside And Out

I knew there was a reason that I really wanted to call in today. It wasn't one of those major "oh snap" feelings, it was just a nagging suspicion in the back of my mind that made me think I really didn't want to show up for work.

But I showed up anyway. I'm a fool like that.

They had me scheduled for 2 house, which is the calmest house on the camp. I'm still not real used to calm. I tend to fidget.

I was supposed to be there with Biggest B and some noob.

Unfortunately eight or ten other people had the same feeling I had earlier and they acted on it, so we were real short. They held over a handful of day shift people to make up for our lack of staff. Little B said they were pulling the noob out to the yard and send us Ms Frost fro day shift.

When Biggest B heard that he said "Oh f*ck that. I'm feeling sick. I'm going home." I told him if he left me alone with her I'd break his other arm. He decided to stay. He knew I wouldn't break his arm anyway.

Hell, Biggest B retires at the end of next month after 26 years with the department. Someone who is either that dedicated or that insane or both deserves my respect.

It wasn't as bad as we thought it might be. She was pretty tired and didn't really know us or the shift or the house and spent a good part of her time on the phone with her hubby, who was staying over somewhere else.

Biggest and I spent a good part of the night telling bad jokes and reminiscing about people who used to work here.

And, as usual, nothing at all happened in 2 house.

I guess that's not a bad way to end my week.

Tomorrow is National Candy Corn Day. I'll be accepting donations.


  1. there is something to be said for an uneventful day at work. I'm a fan of those type of days myself.

  2. Poor you. What a rough day. :) I shall have to make a special trip to get some candy corn to eat. Ya know...all in honor of the day of course. That stuff is yum!