Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Almost lost one today to his own stupidity. One of our outside workers. Came back inside the fence from being out there... somewhere... doing something.

The yard dawgs on day shift found him wandering up by rec apparently stoned out of his gourd. Sgt Strings said the dudes pupils were like pinpoints.

They took him to Central and they said "Yup. He's toasted. Lock his as* up! Send him to the Hive to sober up for a few days."

They got him cuffed up and took him to medical and he just fell out.

Then he stopped breathing.

So they ended up doing CPR on him right there in the lobby of medical and calling an ambulance. Got him breathing again and rushed him to the hospital.

I never did hear what it was he was high on or if they got anything when they pumped his stomach.

My considered guess was that he had several balloons of something, most likely heroin, in his stomach and he was muling them inside when one of the balloons broke.

He came pretty close to completely rehabilitating himself, there.

I've got things to say about this whole outside work stuff and how it's run, but I'll just keep my pie hole shut. All I would do is rant and rave and nothing would ever change.

I just hope it was his own drugs he was bringing in and not someone else's that they gave him. That would mean it could happen again and again real soon.

And of course, if an inmate dies in prison of a drug overdose it's all our fault for not watching them closely enough. We'll suffer and look bad in the public's eye because we were doing what we were told to do.

Like we don't look bad enough, most days. Sheesh.


  1. for the record, i support you. i mean. i'm just a blogger who has absolutely no idea how tough your job actually is... mostly i'm responding to the last part, about how bad you guys already look.
    and i think you're kinda awesome.

  2. Personally I'd have let him die. Seriously. Not that that would teach anyone a lesson where you work, it's just a waste of time to me to watch out for stupidity like that.

  3. Sarah- Thank you. Most people thing "prison guard" and think we are thugs, plain and simple. We all thank you for your support.

    Just Plain Tired- If it was an option, I would have too. Unfortunately, it's not.

  4. I think there are dishonest people in every profession. Doesn't sound like that guy will be sticking around anyway, good riddance!