Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Existentialism In The Com Room

You have to work pretty hard to get any excitement working in the com room. About the only thing that could liven that place up is a fire or a massive screwup by the preceding shift.

And of course, none of that happened tonight.

So I was left with several hours of free time to ponder The Meaning of Life (which was a fairly good movie, I thought) and the truth behind existence.

I asked myself "Why am I here?"

Of course the immediate answer was "Because you're broke, dimwit. You are here to get a paycheck and get out of your wife's hair for eight hours."

Oh yeah.

Mostly, it seemed, I was there to help others. Partly because they couldn't reach the radios with the door shut and partly because a really lot of them don't remember what it is they want.

Alot of people will walk up to the window and say "Uh.... I need uh...... Uh... hmmmm..." And I'll say "Keys 63 and a radio with a mike and case, no swivel?"

"Uh.... yeah! Thanks!"

Sometimes I can pull that off just right. It always leaves them shaking their heads going "How did he do that?" That makes my night.

So I stand behind the window and try to be helpful and jovial and understanding when they're confused. Some nights are easier than others.

Tonight was an easy one.

Nobody died and nobody escaped.

We'll count it as a victory in the books.

For all of you chrome-domers out there tomorrow is Be Bald and Free Day! Whoo hoo! Let it shine!


  1. No deaths and no escapes have to count for something. ;)

  2. Have there been any deaths or escapes you have blogged about? That would make for some interesting reading. Sounds morbid huh. lol I started reading from your first blog and finally made it thru the first year. I have been without a computer for several weeks now so I've been having to read all the blogs I follow on my phone. A real pain.

  3. Just Plain Tired- Using those two criteria alone I have had several successful days with the department.

    Misty- There hasn't been an escape since I have been here, but there have been several deaths. Almost all of them were from natural causes, but there were a couple of suicides. I think I may have blogged about a few attempted suicides, but I can't remember. Hope you get you 'puter back soon!