Friday, October 22, 2010

Gift Box!!!

I got a box of stuff from my sister in Oregon today. It was for my birthday.

Just a little late, but I didn't mind one bit.

And I'm not saying when it was or how old I am, so don't ask.

But here's a list of what was in it:

A. A hat that looks like a brain. Obviously a "thinking cap". It's about time I got one of those. I promise I'll put it to good use. Now if I just had a place to hang it up.... (grin)

B. What looks like a garden gnome holding a shotgun. He'll go up over my office door for protection.

C. A large fly with wheels. Everybody needs one of those, right?

D. A little skeletonized soldier with a parachute. Remember those from when you were a kid? I lost more of those things on windy days..... he's going up on the wall.

E. Fifteen glow in the dark bracelets. I'm sure I'll find a good use for them when the time is right.

F. Hand Blasters. Haven't tried them out yet, but it looks like we might have another fun thing to do in the dark. Hey, honey?.......

G. Another dragon! Yay! I do love dragons. I think this makes number 15 or 16 for my collection. Boo-wah!

H. Zombie Mints. It says on the tin "brain flavored". I'm in the process of working up my nerve.

I. A wind-up ear. It walks across the table or floor. Just in case you need to lend it to someone...

J. One very cool skull with a flame paint job. That sucker is going right next to the Maltese Falcon!

K. Okay, I know what that looks like, but you're wrong. It's actually a pen that looks like a finger. And when you pull it, it makes a fart noise. Pull my finger! Whoop!

L & M. Not like the cigarettes. These two are those trendy little rubber bracelets. But instead of promoting peace or breast cancer awareness or some churchy saying, these are two of the seven deadly sins collection. Sloth and Envy. Man, I'd really want those if they weren't so far away....

N. One package of Slugworths Gummy Slugs! I guess you wouldn't eat them with salt.....

O. One gummy roadkill skunk. You just don't see those every day!

And finally, item P. One jar of bacon salt. Because, as it says right on the jar "everything should taste like bacon!"

I don't think I could have put together a better package myself if I had tried. And you just can't get that kind of stuff around here! I feel like I'm on another planet, sometimes.

Anyway, I just thought I'd show you exactly how cool my sister is. She treats me well and keeps me supplied with the right amount of imported insanity that keeps me ticking along and not chewing my own foot off in frustration.

Thanks, sis! You rock!


  1. Now that's one of the finest array of gifts ever. Happy (belated) birthday, and stuff. Let me know how those mints tasted.

  2. Glad I made your day. I have a whole rubbermaid to pick through of stuff I find for you. Sometimes it's hard to choose what to send.

    I haven't tried the brain mints but after the bad experience with Bacon Mints I didn't get you any of those.

    Look forward to Christmas I've got a Dragon thing you and the Mrs. will enjoy. (Insert evil chuckle here)

  3. 4 Star- I did, thanks!

    Just Plain Tired- T'was a fine box, wasn't it? I'll let you know.

    Guy- Doesn't she?

    Critter- May that ever be your biggest trouble.

  4. Spam. The brain mints smelled and tasted of spam.

    Love, Vinnie