Thursday, October 28, 2010

Surely He Didn't Say That!

Weird weird weird sh*t going on. Strangeness and foreboding. Odd rumors.

I have doubts about what to believe. Imagine that.

Remember when I wrote about the inmate who almost rehabilitated himself the other day? The one who I suspected was a drug mule with leaky balloons?

It turns out that he had been sucking on a Fentanyl patch. One of those that is supposed to go on your skin. If he was french, I would call him Dumas. But he aint french.

Today there were two more OD's over on B-side. And apparently one of them turned into a 10-5. I have read that there are cases of reported aggression associated with Fentanyl.

Now we have another case to report.

At first we figured that it was coming from the laundry or visiting, because that's where most of the drugs tend to come from.

But it was whispered to me that the stuff was stolen from......

Ummmmm..... maybe I don't want to go there after all.

I really don't want to get sued.

I'm just wondering. Why was it there at all?

I was also told that there was a total of 20 of those patches loose inside the fence somewhere. They would be viciously easy to hide almost anywhere. The chances of finding them are slim to none.

I sure hope we don't have to have 17 more OD's before we are sure they are all gone.

Rumor has it that the inmates are tearing small pieces off and steeping them in hot water and drinking it like tea. Holy snap.

One more ugly rumor then I'll let it go.

Our Warden is retiring at the end of the month. I have heard no rumors about who is replacing him. I'm not holding my breath hoping for someone better.

What I was told was that he was approached by the Acting Major about what to do about these 17 still to be found patches. Reportedly he said "I don't care. It's my last day."

I really really hope he didn't say that. I would be severely disappointed in him.

On that note I am going to crawl back into my hidey hole and tell you that tomorrow is Hermit Day. If I don't come outside tomorrow, you'll know why. You kids get off my lawn!


  1. It'd amazing what people will do for a "fix" of some sort.

  2. Had to google what they were used for. It amazing what people will do to themselves. Read a study last ngith that showed scavengers avoid eating the bodies of dead meth users. Apparently they are so toxic even the rats think they are nasty.

  3. Just plain Tired- What scares me is some or most of those same idiots will be back out on the street again.

    Anon- Even rats have some self respect.

  4. Man it's getting stupid around that place! I'm glad I'm getting out of the hive where I end up being responsible for everything--even though I'm only a blue shirt.