Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fed Up Already

Ooooooh......... snap. Just got home a little while ago and I'm already so mad I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep.

Today is the first day of "open enrollment" with our insurance. The one time a year when we can make changes to our lovely state medical insurance coverage.

I need to make changes. So why not do it online? Save the hassle of filling out paperwork and spending hours on hold over the phone with some pakistani clerk-for-hire trying to get my medical coverage straightened out.

After all, they send me ten emails a month reminding me that I can do this. And they tell me that by following their "lifestyle ladder" I can be healthier and happier!


And they also tell me I need to quit smoking, lose weight, exercise more, eat better, not be so stressed all of the time and quit being depressed.

Like that helps. Gee, all I need to do is quit being myself and I'll be happy!

I spent 45 minutes dinking around on their slow-as* website trying to change my medical coverage and could not get it done. It's designed to be as confusing and as difficult as possible, it seems. I found links that said "change your coverage here!" that led me nowhere.

What a bunch of crabfarrrgle.

When I finally decided to hit the little "x" in the corner and said "F*ck you" to their website I was plenty happy.

So I'll go in monday and fill out the paperwork like a good little drone.

I suspect it would have been cheaper and easier just to go to freaking medical school myself.

PS- I was going to write a post about spending the evening working with Ash and Coup. I was surprised that something almost happened in 2 house. Wasn't a bad night, but this internet thing got me down. Maybe later.


  1. We go through the same thing every December with insurance coverage. You can't just simply say I want the same coverage, you have to go through all of the paperwork. It's maddening. But on the plus side I saw the word crabfarrrgle in your post and now feel pleased someone else uses terms like that too. ;)

  2. "crabfarrgle" I gotta remember that one. Insurance sucks! I swear its part of their job to make your life as miserable as possible so you will get so fed up you dont even want to apply (hence making their job easier) or to get you frustrated enough to give you an ulcer which then will disqualify you from receiving coverage (again making their job easier). Happy paper filling out-ing. :)

  3. The absolutely only good thing about our insurance is it's easy to handle online with minimal hassle even if you make changes. They actually put everyone who agrees to sign up online and not get the 3" stack of paperwork a chance at some nifty give aways. Not that I've ever one, but I'm happy not getting the paperwork.

  4. Just Plain Tired- I should have known state insurance would be as obfuscating and confusing as possible. Thought I might get lucky just this once.

    And "Snap" just wasn't a strong enough word for the moment.

    Misty- I suspect that my insurance is killing me.

    Critter- Don't ever go to work for the state. Insurance like that is golden.