Friday, October 22, 2010

Like Herding Cats

They sent me to B-dining today. Holy crap what a goat rope!

It was just me and another utility officer there so the workers ran amok and basically got away with just less than murder.

Neither one of us really had a handle on how to run the place so things got pretty screwed up. Not bad enough that anybody escaped or got hurt or even bad enough that we had to do paperwork, but it got pretty screwed up.

Half of the crew is screw-ups and the other half is prima donnas. What a mess.

But I have a plan for those slick punks the next time I go down there.

I now know who works and who just screws off when they think they can get away with it. So the next time I go down there I'm going to pick out one or two of the slackers and nail them hard, either with just violations or maybe locking a couple of them up right off the bat.

That will accomplish two things. One: The rest of them will know I mean business. And Two: The slackers will be somebody else's problem for awhile.

Sorry, Drew!

We should have been done by seven o'clock at the latest. But stuff got so messed up I was there until almost eight.

Snap on that business!

So tomorrow is National Mole Day. The list doesn't specify if they are moles on your skin or moles in your yard. Might want to go ahead and have a quiet festival for both, just to be on the safe side.


  1. Sounds like you have a well formulated plan, and stuff. ;)

  2. Lock 'em up, I've got enough beds! Yar-Har! Also, I just got a day shift utility bid.

  3. Just Plain Tired- I think it will work. And stuff.

    Drew- Oh snap. Windows bid out too, didn't he? Is there nobody left but BG and the noob? I guess i know where I'll be going alot.... pfui.