Monday, October 11, 2010

Talk Like An Egyptian

Amazingly enough, some days it's fairly fun to work in a prison.

I know how odd that sounds. It even felt unnatural to write such a thing. But it's true. And I can see that phrase winning the first prize in the annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.

Look it up.

Tonight our evening yard lasted about 32 minutes. So for a change, from 6:32 until 11:30 we had very little to do and alot of time to do it in.

And when we know we are going to have alot of time on our hands, we tend to start early. We'll start ranging around for topics of discussion. Music, movies, bad puns, fart jokes. Whatever seems to strike a chord at the time.

Get Sgt Uncle T going on accents some time. Now he claims that he's from Detroit. I haven't seen anything to prove or disprove that. But get him going on Bob and Doug McKenzie and see how pissed off he gets. "That sh*t aint funny." And start throwing the word "eh" at the end of your sentences and see how easily he slips into that pattern.

"Drivin' around in the ol' golf cart, eh?"

"Oh, you know it, eh!"

Works every time.

You see, I suspect he's a closet Canadian. Everything fits.

Be aware of your surroundings! Keep an eye on your neighbors. Look out for strangers in the neighborhood. It might be one of them. Anyone who wears a Tuke (or even a Tuque) should bear close scrutiny.

Hee hee hee!

So a small rain squall rolled in right before mainline and stayed a good part of the night. Just sprinkles at first. A little bit of thunder and lightning but nothing to close the yards over. I was driving around on the cart with Uncle T and I adopted my best Maine accent and said "Looks like a stahm rollin' in, Mahtha! Bettah batten down the lobstah pahts!"

Okay, that accent is difficult to write. But you get the idea.

Anyway a few minutes later we close the yards. Sgt Uncle T leans out of the cart and yells "The Yahds Ah Closed!" Then he looks at me and says "Frack, did I just say that?" Then he smacks me on the shoulder and says "See what you did to me, you bahstid!"

Hee hee hee!

And luckily for us the rain started coming down just as we announced the yards were closed and the inmates all scattered. I think we may have set some kind of record for clearing the yard tonight.

And pretty much as soon as the yards were clear the rain stopped again. I guess it was destined that we were to be allowed to relax for an evening.

It can be fun, some times.

Oh snap. I almost forgot. Today was both Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving. How serendipitous was that? Also today was It's My Party day and Take Your Teddy Bear To Work Day. I realize now that since I post so late in the evening, I should tell what the next day is going to be so I'll start doing that and see how it goes.

Tomorrow is Moment Of Frustration Day. Hmmm... That just doesn't sound good...


  1. You know, a job isn't worth doing if you can't have some fun occasionally.

  2. Just Plain Tired- If I couldn't act the fool like that, I'd find another job. I'm rarely ever serious.

  3. It's actually spelled "Toque" and for those of you who are illiterate to the "up-nort" language it is defined as a beanie style stocking cap. It is pronounced as if you were saying "took", but add a little "u" sound in the throat. I'm from da' U.P., eh. Funny..all my relatives think I have an accent when I go up there. And when I come back...nobody here can understand a darn thing I say.

    BTW...I miss you guys! New job is awesome, though.

  4. Peggy Sue- I've always wondered about that cute little accent of yours. I figured maybe there was a Vikings fan in the woodpile somewhere. We miss you too, sweet cakes!