Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not Too Bad At All

I'll just have to admit, that tonight wasn't too bad at all. I spent a good part of the night up in the com room with my feet up on the desk flipping through the teevee channels.

I've gotten good enough at doing the inventory that I can get through it in just a few minutes or so and I get extra time to just sit and relax in between the rushes of people coming and going.

Brother D brought me in a small bag of deer sausage from his successful hunting this season. He also included some sliced cheese and Ritz crackers. And a handwritten blessing on the bag.

That man is so nice sometimes that it makes me feel bad.

Hmm... That's a bit of an oxymoron or something, eh?

Let's see you explain that one, Rev!

Aww.... snap.

He's so nice and cheerful all of the time that he makes me feel like I'm a mean crotchety old man because..... well.... because I am a mean crotchety old man.

But being nice is Brother D's nature and being a rude bas*ard is mine. And after eating that deer sausage I'm vowing to be a lot nicer to him. That stuff was awesome.

There was a little bit of excitement down in the wobblehead yard. Not sure exactly what but there were a couple of excited radio calls and then somebody was sent to the Hive in cuffs. But I sat there, perched up on the chair ready to spring forward just in case something happened.

Of course if something kicked off I would have gotten as far as the sally port and Sgt Puddle would have just knocked on the glass and said "You can't go! Get back up there!"

What the hey, I got a little adrenaline buzz for awhile. But, wow! When I came back down off of it I had to walk around and slap myself in the face to stay awake up there.

Before I forget (again) let me look and see what tomorrow is. Just for FYI, today was Brandied Fruit Day. I hope you all enjoyed it, speaking of getting a buzz.

Ah, yes. Tomorrow is Babbling Day. I hope they are referring to streams and brooks and not lunatics. That could be interesting....

Is anybody interested in this "Day" stuff or should I just drop the concept? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. It was just my favorite door warrior locking a dude up for being stupid. Sounded like he started it himself. The days are interesting.

  2. grapevine sez, the new guy working 9 yard asked a wobble where he was from and the wobble said prison. The wobble looks mild enough soooo, he puts the cuffs on the wobb. Enter Uncle T, with one question for new guy..what the fart? Sarge wispers something in the wobbles ear and BOOM wobbie goes off and gets a oneway ticket to the hive. Uncle T told the new guy, no more saving your face. I think they had a serious heart to heart latter.

  3. I'm always interested to know what day it is. Mostly cause I find it amusing that someone has entitled every day of the year.

  4. Drew- Yeah. Once I recognized the voice I knew it would be somebody smaller and not at all intimidating.

    4Star- He really needs to grow a set or move on. Going to get someone else hurt some day, I imagine. But if things go south will he be anywhere near? That's the question!

  5. Misty- I found that list years ago and lost it. Just found it again recently and decided to share with that bit of the world I interact with.

  6. Hmm, somehow I was on the ball. I bought my honey Pear brandy yesterday. Not exactly brandied fruit, but it was fruit made into brandy. Found a new distillery less than 2 blocks off my route home that uses all local fruits.

  7. Anon- Serendipity! It was the wheel of Karma turning or something...