Friday, October 8, 2010

The Vanishing CO Mystery

I managed to luck out and get out on the yard twice this week. And for a change, neither night was very bad or busy at all. I have a feeling that there will be times I will look back on these calm nights with great nostalgia.

For some strange reason or twist of bizarre fate, both tonight and Tuesday night we had extra people on the yard with us. On Tuesday we have five CO's and the Sarge out there! Unheard of! Inconceivable!

But they have a habit of vanishing, as into thin air. Just one minute we would look around and say "Hey, were did they go?" It's barely possible, of course, that they just so happened to be circling the yard in exactly the opposite way we were going and just stayed out of eye shot.

But I don't think so.

Tonight after education shut down they sent us Mr Coffee. He popped into the shack as I was eating my dinner and said "Here I am. Do we have Del Norte tonight?" When I nodded, he said "Ok, I'll do it." I told him he didn't have to and he insisted.

Then he vanished until the yards opened.

I saw him occasionally during the forty five minutes that yards were open then as soon as they closed... poof! He was gone again.

He shows up maybe an hour later and says he's going to do the Del Norte walk. I didn't mind that at all, since it was supposed to be my turn.

I saw him after that one time and then he was gone again.

The same thing went on Tuesday night. Two of the other extra officers we had (me being the third one) vanished for an hour or so after the yards closed and we had no idea where they were.

That was a little suspicious, if you ask me. But such an unlikely pair.

One of these days I'm going to have to figure out where these people disappear to. Wherever it is, it seems a pretty good hiding spot.

And I may need one of those some night.

P.S.- Goosey, I'm keeping the big rock you stuck in my lunchbox as a paperweight. Thanks!

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