Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prophecy Is Not A Gift

Man, I really hope that I am not a soothsayer. Or a prophet, oracle or even a half-as*ed fortune teller. If I am anywhere near being any of those things, it might be a good idea to think about colonizing Mars.

Up the road a small piece from Raccoon City is a sexual predator unit. It's a place where inmates who have served their time for sex crimes but have been identified as sexual predators are confined until the state decides that they are "rehabilitated".

For almost all of them, that means never.

Since they have served out their sentences, they are not really in prison. It's more like a long term treatment center. But it has a fence with razor wire and if they try to escape we can shoot them.

But I heard a rumor the other evening that some genius over there has decided to start sending a select few of them out of the place on work release. And that they are building a halfway house on the grounds just for that purpose.

So let me get this straight...... They were imprisoned for sex crimes. And when their sentences were finished it was determined that they were such a danger to society that they should be confined indefinitely until the vague and unquantifiable state of "rehabilitation" is reached.

But now it has been decided that we are to be sending some of them out into the community to pick up trash alongside the highway and run lawn mowers for the city and wash the police cars and such.

Giving them once again an opportunity to come in contact with whatever their favorite sexual prey may be, whether it's little boys or little girls or adults or the elderly or whatever.

And since they are not technically in "prison" if they just walk away the first chance they get, they can't actually be charged with escape. Or so I'm told. The worst they could be charged with is "absconding" or "fleeing confinement" which is a minor crime.

If that is so, then why would we be able to shoot them if they went over the fence?

Because they are Dangerous Sexual Predators. That's why!

Then why are we allowing them out into our community?

My guess is because it's an election year and some freaking genius got federal funding for his brilliant idea.

I'll make you a deal. Cut their funding for this harebrained idea, give me half of it and I'll pay my bills, thus improving the local economy. And for that I will agree not to rape or molest anybody.

But this idea...... It's lunacy.

So I had angry frustrated dreams all night long. There were inmates running amok in the city everywhere and there was not a single thing I could do about it. I woke up several times grinding my teeth and so mad I could spit.

Obviously, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep.

A sign of the future? I sure hope not. Mars might not be far enough away.

Just in case you were wondering... tomorrow is White Cane Safety Day. Watch out for blind people because.... well, obviously they can't.


  1. I can't even begin to express the anger I feel about the brainless people who make decisions for our country. I find solace in the fact that I won't be here forever. My eternity is secure in Heaven.

  2. Misty- The way my luck runs, I'll end up haunting this place.