Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It Started With An Odd Note

I started out on A-yard tonight. That wasn't bad. The Watcher was there and we always have a good time together. A few bad puns flew before anybody even knew the battle was joined.

Then I heard someone from the Hive calling for the Sarge to come to C-wing. I wandered a little closer just in case things were going wrong.

But nothing happened so I went up the hill to watch the inmates as they came down for chow. I had only been up there for a few moments when Sgt Duck told me to come back down.

I walk back across the yard and he tells me I am going on an outcount with Sausage.

Oh snap. I love Sausage to death and I trust him at my back in a ruckus. We've been in a few together. But he talks incessantly and he drives me crazy after awhile. I hope we aren't going too far.

So I go back up the hill to get my lunchbox then back the other way to central. Lt Pistachio tells me it hasn't been approved yet, so just hang tight.

Apparently one of the wobbleheads down in the Hive is a little out of control and we are going to take him to the camp up the road and put him in the rubber room for awhile so he can't hurt himself.

So while I'm sitting there I eat my dinner. The wife's homemade spaghetti and garlic bread! Yum! And I get to get on the computer and check my departmental email box. It always gets full of crap when I've been away for a few days.

Yup, mostly just crap. Then I notice one email from Capt Walrus. That makes my eyebrows go up. Why is he sending me an email?

It's titled "End of shift report 10-30-10" and when I open it, it merely states "Nothing of significance to report."

Well, of course he sent it to me (and I think, everybody else) by mistake. It should have only gone to the Major or the acting Major.

Then begins a long hard battle with myself. I really really want to send a reply to this. Maybe only "I'm glad to hear it" or "Good job" or "Thank goodness!" or something strange and surreal and many many things pop into my head. I actually had the mouse poised on the Reply button a couple of times before I wised up and just deleted it.

Sometimes my cupidity over rides my common sense. For once, common sense won out. Yay for me!

So I hang around for awhile then they tell em to go back out on the yard and they would call me when they got approval.

And a couple of hours later Sausage gives me the word that we aren't going, after all. That doesn't hurt my feelings too much. I didn't really want to load some chained up out of control wobblehead into the back of a crown vic and drive him thirty miles up the freeway.

It just didn't seem like a good way to spend my evening. And I could just see coming back with the back seat of the car all covered with pepper spray. I'll bet the paperwork on that would have sucked.

So I got to spend the rest of the night out on the yard with Duck and the Watcher and the Fireman. Mr Coffee was ghosting around somewhere but stayed mostly invisible. We spent alot of time up in 1 house (where the coffee was) and hung out with John-T and Miz Maybe. That was fun.

And even now I am wishing I would have sent a reply to that email.

I wasted an opportunity there, I think.

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  1. Your responses were a lot nicer than all the sarcastic ones that popped into my head.